Art Jamming

Art jamming without guidance


Art Jamming is not technically guided. Let our creative things flow and overflow onto the canvas in the art studio. Art jamming studio is the perfect place to expose our art imagination. Just we have to Think, will it be a tough one without a teacher? Think again. It is not that much tough to make that in the first attempt at the canvas. Trust them, we will enjoy the session more than we have imagined. Art Jamming needs the following things to create perfect art, they are choice of 45x45cm or 30x30cm canvas, a carrier bag for that, we to store and bring home our masterpiece, All painting tools, and materials provided for us to use on-site such as acrylic paints, various brushes, the palette for paint, apron, water, etc.

To get we start, we have to find it much easier to have an initial reference picture to follow. At their art studio, they have various postcard-sized reference pictures in various themes for us to get inspiration from those pictures. We can also prepare our references here before we come to expose our art. For the absolute free soul, we can paint what our heart wills. This class is meant to be a largely unguided session, there will be only some quick and basic tips to start, such as how to handling of tools and paints. The ideas on-site may be given us a few tips and instructions during our art painting process should we require, however, they will not guide us through every step and there will be no proof of painting techniques.

Requirements for art jamming:

Age is the main requirement while doing art jamming. There is no upper limit, but a minimum age of 12 years and above. For children below 12 years old, a paying adult must be present for whole the class. If you are not able to give company to our child, they recommend that we opt for the instructed class so the instructor will be able to instruct and watch over our children. We can reserve a minimum of 2.5 or 2 hours slot anytime within their opening hours, subject to availability of working hours. Our opening hours are, Monday is always not a working day, 1 pm to 9:30 pm is a working day for Tuesday, and 11 am to 7 pm is a working day for Saturday. First, WhatsApp or Telegram them to check on the availability hour of our desired time slot for the number of kids attending the art program. Next, make the payment to them, then send them a screenshot of the payment page after completion or let them know our order number. Once our payment is confirmed, they will put us down at the scheduled time. Reservation is only confirmed when payment is done, otherwise, we will be considered as just a walk-in customer to them and they will be subject to the availability of schedule at the point of the walk-in. They do not have fixed slots and are flexible for seat reservations or walk-ins by the day that subject to the availability of seats.