ATEX Air Conditioners

Atexxo Manufacturing BV changed over Daikin


To blast safe ATEX split climate control system unit, appropriate for zone 2 dangerous territories. The units have coordinated warmth siphon work for both warming and cooling. The ATEX Air conditioners and ATEX/EAC-EX split units are outfitted with European affirmed R-410A refrigerant. ATEX Zone 2 is the European equal for US, NEC Class 1 Division 2 hardware. (C1D2) Conversion to ATEX blast safe is in accordance with the Atexxo’s way of thinking of giving incredible blast security while keeping up however much highlights of the first item as could be expected. This makes the ATEX Air Conditioners simple to introduce and operate. The sets comprise of ATEX endorsed outside, indoor unit and controller. Variants with warming can cooling limit going from 2 kW to 33 kW are accessible.  driving European HVAC items and brands, like Carrier, Mitsubishi and Toshiba on request. part units.


Low commotion unit (dB). Heat siphon work for warming and cooling. Easy to introduce and work ATEX Zone 2. Ingress security (IP) and effect tested applications. Gas big haulier ships Chemical plants Offshore oil stages Industry Harsh environments. Using various blast defensive measures to guarantee safe activities in perilous conditions. Transformation to ATEX blast safe is in accordance with Atexxo’s way of thinking of giving brilliant blast security while keeping up virtually all highlights of the original item. ATEX Zone 2 is the European equal for US, NEC Class 1 Division 2 equipment. The plan prerequisites for items utilized in a touchy climate vary essentially from those utilized in a non-dangerous air. Moreover, there are key plan contrasts relying upon which sort of dangerous air they might be utilized in. It is the basic to comprehend what the plan suggestions are toward the beginning of the item configuration of the measure. Warming can cool limit.

Defensive measures:

A portion of the defensive enemy of blast measures intergraded in the Atexxo’s indoor unit. All alterations are as indicated by wellbeing norms, all around archived and tried. Standard accessible from Daikin, different grains on the request. For Zone 2 materials dealing with applications, Pyroban transcendently utilizes dynamic gas location however when required can secret hardware utilizing inactive security innovation. Cost viable ATEX Zone 2, We offer dynamic gas identification with system6000 and inactively secure hardware utilizing Ex-detective 3G for electric materials taking care of gear, and Eurotech 3G for diesel hardware. Pyroban can change gear over to meet Zone 2 prerequisites for use over the world. We can meet the accompanying lawful accreditations.

Gear and Protective Systems:

It might be utilized in possibly dangerous atmospheres. Safety gadgets, controlling gadgets and managing gadgets proposed for use outside conceivably unstable airs however which are needed for or add to the protected working of gear and defensive frameworks, as for the dangers of the explosion. Components characterized as anything basic to the protected working of hardware and defensive frameworks yet with no independent function. Preparation of a danger examination, specialized documentation, the meaning of planned use, specialized counts, drawings, item description. Compliance with one or a few sort of securities or item standards. Compliance with the ATEX mandate for items utilized in touchy climate.