stairlifts bath

Benefits of Using a Stairlift Bath


A stairlift is a mechanical device to lift people up and down. Restricted movement people use this device, i.e., people who cannot go upstairs or downstairs without aid. It is also called a chair lift or glider.

It has two components, i.e., a chair used to lift people up and down and a rail attached to the staircase’s thread. The first time Commercial production of the stairlifts bath was in the USA in the 1930s. Majorly, they are used indoors, but people like to install outdoors, but the various modification in fabrics and other parts are done due to exposure to outdoors.

Pros of using a stairlift-

Due to its numerous benefits, they are widely used:

  1. Increased independence – with the utilization of stairlift, the stress of going upstairs and downstairs is reduced swiftly. It helps people work efficiently, and movement around the home is no more challenging, and with that, it gives freedom to people with difficulties in morbidity. With that, the planning of going upstairs and downstairs is decreased too.
  2. Safer to use – It has taken a massive chunk of time to make stairlifts more reliable to keep the lives of users safe. Efforts were to be made to build the trust of customers. This device has various safety features incorporated into it. It includes a safety buckle to prevent the user from falling, safety lock to keep it safe from children. It also places a warning and doesn’t work if there is any obstruction in the user’s path or foot is misplaced.
  3. Comfort provided – It is built in such a way to maximize the comfort of the user. Adjustable height is vital to feature for the same. Getting on and off the staircase lift is a challenging process that is aided by adjustable height. It also provides padded seats and armrests.
  4. Access to everyone– Staircase installation increases the access of stairs to people who cannot climb stairs independently. But this doesn’t mean stairs are not available for other people. There’s a space for other people to walk on stairs. Also, stairlift has a feature of foldability when not being used which reduces the space crunch. It can be easily made accessible when required.
  5. Ease to use– Stairlifts is a piece of very simplified machinery to operate. It can be controlled by switches centered on both the stairs’ ends and a control panel provided at the armrest. It can also be performed by a remote, increasing its efficiency if more than one person uses the lift. This works on dc power, i.e., it charges itself, which allows it to operate through power backup even in times of power cut.
  6.  Customizability– Stairlifts are customized, or we can say personalized, to meet all the requirements of the user’s house. Whenever a staircase is installed, a professional visits the site to take all necessary measurements and choose the perfect type of stairlift to be installed.

It is of three types – Straight staircase stairlift, curved staircase stairlift, and incline plane stairlift. So one does have options to choose a product that meets most of the necessities of the buyer.

In conclusion, mobility should not control your movements when you have access to such technology. There seems almost no reason not to install a staircase. So what’s stopping you from buying it?