Terrarium Workshop Singapore

Boon for green lovers – Terrarium


We are born due to nature and surviving due to nature.  We are the closest to our mother earth, nature, and plants. No one can deny a “WOW” when at a naturally beautiful place and serenity is for everyone. There are some people who are deep-rooted to nature and love plants and animals exclusively. Some love to be around plants while some love to grow them on their own.

Watching your plant grow gives a feeling of peace and it is a type of meditation. But the busy schedules these days take us away from this joy. We love gardening but lack the time, concern, and money to care for our plants or garden. Everyone wants a garden but that’s too much to care about. Even a small pot plant is hard to care for as it dries soon. Sometimes we have all the time and care to give to our plants but lack the space to create a garden. We want to be with greens to make us feel better but greens are hard to keep.

Here’s the solution to all these problems: Terrarium. Have you heard about it?

Terrarium Workshop Singapore are small gardens packed in a transparent container, generally a glass jar. In a glass jar, a miniature garden is set up to give a complete garden feel.

Don’t terrariums need care?

Terrariums are said to be self-sustaining. As said earlier, ecosystems and ecosystems do not need external help. When we water the plants in the terrarium the water goes to the soil. The water then evaporates due to heat absorbed by the walls of the terrarium container. The evaporated water droplets arrange themselves at the walls of the container itself as there is no space for them to escape; terrariums are closed/ packed. So this water again falls into the soil and hence you need to water your terrarium less.  It gives a complete garden feels, can be used as a décor piece, can be kept anywhere at the office, home, or workspace without creating any mess or soil prints on your furniture or making it damp.

Why workshop?

SO now you have reason to learn about terrarium. Not one reason, there are so many. But why workshop when you can do it on your own. Simply talking about a terrarium won’t make your terrarium grow successfully. You will learn insights into the terrarium and be into its deep history and science. Making a terrarium is a super fun activity and it would become more fun if you do it with your friends and new people. T workshop trainer may make you learn about your mistakes while terrarium making. And you will have a chance to see many terrariums and get ideas for more and appreciate its beauty. Doing art activities alone is a fun time but we all know it’s more fun with a group of people you can chatter with. You can exchange ideas, take help, give and take advice and on top of it, make new friends. Terrarium workshops are a lot more than just plants.

Both terrarium and terrarium workshops are solutions to numerous problems at a time.

So what are you waiting for, book a workshop for you now?