mark curry payday loan lawsuit

Circumstances for Payday lawsuits


There are times when your payday loan can actually hurt your credit, there are have been cases in court for failing to just payback one payday loan. Though you wouldn’t want to be in court and rather settle matters out of it. Since payday loans are the riskier kind and have definitely been named predatory for a reason can pose such a risk for you. It can happen any time as all have financial troubles some point of time and you have difficulty in paying just that one time. Use the service of mark curry payday loan lawsuit .

How you will be sued

Some have termed it the bad loan, though people aren’t averse to taking them, they are something that people who live paycheque to paycheque find it easier to avail and make use of during emergencies and otherwise. These loans easy for people who have poor credit and its difficult to for them to get loans elsewhere. Since they are easier to avail people don’t ignore the annual percentage rates that are charged on these payday loans and go for the bait.

These loans can be availed at

  • Online loans
  • Store front loans

The APR calculated over all the loans that can be applied for is the highest for a payday loan, its just like daylight robbery. If ignored this can unseemingly backfire the borrower. The instalment loan would be a better option in this case. The payday loan is hard to payoff with such high rate of interest and if you keep taking one it won’t be long you would be standing in front of the judge for defaulting on payment. There are times when the borrowers have resorted to reborrow a loan, pay extra fee to extend the time period or roll it over.

The reasons people seek payday loans

  • Due to an emergency
  • Poor credit score
  • Can’t obtain the traditional personal loan

You will have to know that the lenders of payday loan can take you to court for defaulting your payment. There are many who stuck with such cases and finding it difficult to get a lawyer to get them out this sticky situation. The collection of such lawsuits is looming large. Since the defaulter who will have a case against them will usually don’t show up in court when the case is called as no real property is attached, and there is even more stringent case against them now. If the creditor gets to attach liens on any tangibles which last for a decade.

When you take a loan, in case you will pay more than you borrowed, now that you have defaulted on the payment you will actually have to shell out more than what is stated that you owe the creditor, perhaps the legal fees, the renewed interest over the lapsed period , penalty etc. this all depends on how late you have been in paying up. Even it is small amount they won’t be lenient and let you get away with it, they will definitely sue you for defaulting on payment.