Team Building Singapore

Create Better Bond Between the Team Members by Memory Wall


The company will expect the teamwork from the workers and so they should develop the skills. Most of the people will give perform better as an individual but will not be able to perform in a good way among the team. They will lack the skills to perform as a team and to adapt to the team culture. They should be given training by the company and they should be given interestingly. There are more activities in which people can enhance their skills. Team Building Singapore has various activities for the companies to improve their workers. It will give more details on the activities and the suggestions to make it interesting for the workers.

The best way to improve the skill is to involve in some interesting activities which will help in skill development. The team building tasks are available on the websites and people can choose any of the activities. Team building is an art and it can be developed gradually through certain tasks. This needs complete coordination from the team members. Every team member should be interested to act as a team and only then the main goal will be achieved. The activities can be anything from outdoor activity or indoor activity. It is very helpful for people to act as a team during any of the emergency and difficult situations.

Awesome Memory Wall:

The people who feel that they are lacking in the skills can use this as a great opportunity. The indoor activities can be performed on the company campus itself without any special arrangements. This will be very easy for both the company and the workers. These activities will be more comfortable with the workers as it involves some simple activities. The memory wall is a simple activity that can be performed by the team members to develop an understanding among them. This mutual understanding is very important to perform as a team in any of the tasks.

This game can be performed for about 45 minutes and the participants of the activity can be less than 20. In case, if the members of the activity increase then the period of the activity will increase. The game makes the people share their experience for a few minutes and so it is very important to maintain the time and the member correctly to give chance to everyone involved in the game. This game needs a whiteboard, pen, paper, and tape. The main focus of the activity is to create a memory wall on the whiteboard. Then the people have to speak about the created memory wall.

The memory wall can be created interestingly by writing the best experiences of the people. Each person should write individually in the paper provided for them and they should paste it in the whiteboard. Then the team members should share their feelings on the memory wall created by them. This will be a great chance to improve speaking skills and also to enrich the presentation skills. This activity will help the people to develop a better understanding of the feelings of other persons in the team. This will help them during their work and they can adjust as a team.