foto produk

Description of Product Photography


It is about photography which is based on the product. It is also like the commercial and is also selling the product in the market by posting the add or by advertising the product in the mode taking photography. It is also like capturing the product on their mobile camera and selling it. Professionals called these works in the short form of foto produk . By capturing the photo in the mobile or camera or such in other devices and doing some edits to present the product attractively and by this it makes the people motivated to buy this product. In this photography, the values of the particular product or more products consist of the brochure and the significance of that product and these are also explained in that photography.

While capturing the photo of the product some features are required, they are:

  1. They don’t need a high range of cameras, and they don’t want a camera system and equipment which are required for photography.
  2. They need a stand to set the camera for capturing the photo.
  3. While capturing the photo they need a background that is fully is cover with white and it is a suitable color capturing the photo.
  4. They need a table to place the product which to shoot a photo.
  5. They have to choose a suitable place or room for capturing photos.

There are different types of photography were available:

  1. Bridal photography: it is the photography about marriage functions and by taking photos of marriage they can shoe their talent in taking photos with different styles. If people like their photographs they letting them alone. It is also the type of making their products in the way of making an album.
  2. Occasion photography: it is the photography which they shoot the special events and they shoot the photo of some wildlife events which are in the different style and attitude which shows the more animated things to cover the people.
  3. Product photography: this is the photography that is about capturing the product for selling their products. It is also like marketing and they add some special features about that product. The specifications are explained in a detailed manner. They did not go out and sell their product instead of this they sell they’re in posting the add and photographing the products. In this, they not only upload the products and they also upload the place for rent and restaurants and some other things or materials.
  4. Design photography: this is the photography about the designs and fashion of dress, costumes, and cosmetics, etc. it is all about the things which are used by the women and the girls it is used highly who were participating in the fashion shoes and who were making them for some important occasions.
  5. Photograph of old things or architectural photography: it is the photograph about capturing the buildings and capturing the things or product which is getting rarer and, in this photo, they capture the photo of buildings in the different ways which makes them give a perfect look and it easily covers the people.

These are about the features of photography and some important features required for photography.