Daintree at Bukit Timah

Discover your home in the shadow of raintree


Daintree Residence is the new area to be found within the living area of Bukit Timah. It is situated in the central districts of Singapore. Daintree Residence comprises many houses in its region, mainly with the comfortable houses which are sophisticated with all the internal facilities. This spot concentrates mostly on educational institutes as it shields many peoples of all eternities. Separately from the best schools, it has all the other basic services for the people. It delivers the life of paradise. When you reach your home after a confusing work, your mind will become stress-free once you enter your housing area. It has a track of shopping malls and food courts adjacent. And in shopping malls, you can have all the amusement with your family and love your life. Devouring a simple life in this area will make you feel the most comfortable person in the world. This is settled with many facilities. All the facilities are available at the nearby locations predominantly the indispensable needs of the daily life of a person and also you can make some simple tips with the forms of the sectors.

Many manufacturing buildings and multi-story flats have been settled here. In early times, it was a great engineering region in Singapore. But now it has converted into the residential spot with many cozy zones. The houses are well built with a neat and clean atmosphere and park areas are also accessible. A kitchen garden is an attractive spot where you can ease with your family. Engineers had done an unlimited job in making this zone. They had focussed to make the people happier once they see it. It has been planned with all the requirements such as schools, hospitals, offices, malls, and more. Schools in these places are well-known for their educational aspects all over Singapore. Daintree House is inside a few meters to the worldwide schools. Designed at those who are viewing at higher-level education, many secondary schools, and tertiary relations are also within the zone.

Features of Daintree Residence

If you were to stare at the form and plan of Daintree residence, it is all about outside the border of architectural design. One of the astonishing structures is that frequent blocks are being linked with a Shelter walk that distances through three hundred meters in total. You will hook a lot of lifestyle services crowded with the panoramic shade walk that will surely keep you or your guests amused round the watch. Some of these conveniences contain a wellbeing station, yoga area, star viewing garden. In addition to the comforts at the roof of each housing block, residents of Daintree Residence will also have a lot of condo facilities to choose from the first level. The services are divided into two wings. A welcome interval from every day, its humble reality that proposes regeneration and refreshment. The architectural effort of Daintree twisted a boundless flow of decor outflows. This can be taken magnificently by its sign uniqueness. Withdrawal into your private reserve every time you want in this charmingly designated space.With only the ultimate qualities progressing an air of luxury.