can goats eat apples

Edible foodstuffs for animals


Generally, the people who have the idea that goat can eat anything is false. Goat is an herbivorous animal; it can only eat plants and fruits, not meat and some other things. Now we see about can goats eat apples ? The answer to the question is yes. Yes, goats love to eat the apple; it gives them enormous energy and nutrition. We know that apple contains vitamin C, vitamin A, etc. It helps the goat in the metabolism.

Nutrition absorption of goat 

Before we discuss “do goat love apple?” First, we should know about the nutrition absorption of a goat. The goat will not digest the food it consumes; it ferments the food it consumes in its specialized four-chamber stomach, and then it absorbs the nutrition from that. If you see goat will not move around when it grazes the grass. It ferments the food substances in the stomach. Goats eat not only apple but also some other food like grapes, peaches, etc.

Is it okay to feed apple for goats per day?

Yes, you can feed an apple to your goat daily. You should remind you that you must provide apples only in the form of pieces, and you should give apples along with some grains or hay. It will balance the diet. If you feed more apples a day, the goat will enjoy, but honestly, it will trouble them in the digestion process. So we must be cautious about that.

Why should we feed a moderate amount of apples to the goat?

Goat absorbs nutrition by fermenting the substance it consumes. Because if you see other animals, they intake nutrition by digesting the food substances. So, fermentation requires sugar. The average quantity of sugar is enough for fermentation; if we feed more apple, the sugar content will increase, causing severe bloating issues.

What about the apple seeds when we feed them an apple?

We all know that apple seed contains cyanide, but it includes only amygdaline in the initial stage of the source. If the goat chews the root, it turns into cyanide. If your goat consumes less than 5 pounds of hydrogen cyanide per day, it won’t affect your goat.

Is it safe to feed an apple to a baby goat?

No, it is not a good option to feed an apple to a baby goat. The digestion system of a baby goat is entirely different from the adult goat. We can provide them when they are two months or three months old.

Will sheep eat apples?

Apples can be given to sheep in a moderate amount. It gives them a massive level of nutrition supplements. It helps the sheep to maintain the PH level in their stomach. As we discussed, apple has a vast number of nutrients; it gives them healthy metabolic activities. Apple can be added to the everyday supplement that we provide to the sheep. Apple supplies more amount of nutrition than the average food supplementary that we give to the sheep.

How can cows get benefit from a banana?

Yes, absolutely banana is good for cows. It gives them an enormous amount of nutrition. It is so soft so that we can feed young calves and also for the cows. Some people peel the outer layer of the banana and feed the cows. The outer layer of the banana gives so many benefits to the cows.