how to start affiliate marketing

Finding Your Essential Deals in Affiliate Marketing Decisions


You must then go through a number of steps to set up a successful SEA and Display retention campaign:

Provide a nice offer for customers, it must, of course, be more attractive for customers to make a repeat purchase or to extend their subscription than for non-customers. Ensure a good retention landing page with a specific offer for the customer. Copy your SEA brand campaign and the most important generic campaigns that contain sufficient search volume. With regard to generic campaigns, think in particular of search terms that people would use if they wanted to switch to a competitor. So how to start affiliate marketing ? Let us find out.

The Target Group

Add the customer target group to your campaigns that you have copied and exclude the target group in the existing SEA and Display campaigns. Create specific advertising texts for the customer target group in which you make a retention offer, which then lands on the retention page.

Make sure you measure the retention conversion

For Display, it is important to have a good banner with the retention offer. In these campaigns, you can then create a Display campaign where you can also load the customer target group.

App marketing retention campaigns

Online webshops but also service providers nowadays increasingly have access to an app. The development of an app is quite an investment and it is therefore important that the app is downloaded as much as possible. This can, of course, be achieved through the use of app install campaigns in the Google Play store through the use of keywords. In addition, you can create Display campaigns that ensure that the app is promoted on the mobile web or in other apps. In our blog about app install campaigns, you can read more about how it works.

App marketing retention campaigns

It is important that you link the Google Play account with the Google Adwords account. An additional advantage is that you do not have to set up conversion tracking. This is done automatically when the accounts are linked.

If you have an app and the option to use app install campaigns, you can also load a customer target group into it. Here too, make the advertising texts and banners as specific as possible for your customer. Once the customers have downloaded the app, they can reach you easily and quickly. In addition, you can contact your customer at any time by sending a push message.

In this article, the possibilities are highlighted for retention marketing via SEA, Display and app advertising. Naturally, for example, social and affiliate marketing also offer such possibilities.

Want to know more about effective online retention marketing for your company? Or do you need help with the practical implementation? Goals can be selling products, bringing in a lead, filling in a survey, displaying banners (branding).

The payment can take place in various ways. An overview of the different payment models:

  • CPS: Costs Per Sale, Payment per sale
  • CPL: Costs Per Lead, Payment per lead (for example, quotation request)
  • CPM: Costs Per Mille, Payment per 1000 impressions
  • CPC: Costs Per Click, Payment per click
  • CPA: Costs Per Action; Payment per promotion (for example, a completed survey form)

How does it work?

Advertiser makes promotional material available. These can be, for example, text links, images, animated images, flash banners or product feeds.