New Jersey homes for sale

Getting the Best Home for Sale is Not Fancy Anymore


Determine precisely what you are looking for: the number of bedrooms, size of the land, proximity to shops and schools, privacy and large spaces or local services, etc. Also, assess your needs for the years to come. Among the factors to consider, think of the imminent arrival of children or, on the contrary, the departure of adults, the presence of stairs if your joints are already hurting you, the maintenance of the property if you are alone, etc. As you look for the New Jersey homes for sale you can find the best there.

Prepare yourself financially

Another prerequisite for research: the budget. It is essential to establish your financial capacity to know how much you can pay. As a general rule, specialists agree that the price of a property should not exceed two and a half times your salary.

When preparing your budget, do not forget to include all related costs in addition to the mortgage to be repaid: the cost of the inspection and the notary fees for the transaction, the move, the transfer tax, municipal and school taxes, etc. Also, don’t forget the annual maintenance costs.

Meet a financial advisor

Before starting the research and increasing the number of open houses, make sure you know and understand all the financing options available. It is important to learn about the types of mortgage, the rates offered, the difference between a fixed rate or variable rate loan, the term, etc. By making an appointment with a mortgage advisor, you can discuss your goals and the budget you have in mind. He can help you make the right loan choices while respecting your ability to pay.

To establish the maximum amount to which you are entitled, financial institutions will calculate your debt ratio your disposable income minus your recurring financial commitments such as car loans, insurance, etc. It generally does not have to exceed 33 to 39% according to the institutions for your loan to be accepted.

To get a mortgage, know that you generally need to make a down payment and have a good credit history. If your down payment reaches 20% of the property price, you will not have to take out mortgage insurance with an organization like the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Get a pre-approved mortgage

You have found the financial institution with which you wish to do business and you now know the financing options. It is time to choose the solution that suits you best and have your loan pre-approved. Before even starting negotiations, many brokers or owners ask for a mortgage pre-approval. Not only does this document demonstrate your ability to pay but it also proves that you are a serious buyer.

Find the perfect property

If you would like us to guide you in your research, contact a real estate broker. He will offer you goods adapted to your criteria and will accompany you in the various steps related to the sale. His remuneration is paid by the sellers at the time of the sale if it takes place. You can also do the research yourself by browsing the numerous real estate sales websites with or without agents. Also remember to look at the repossession side. Some brokers specialize in this type of product. Many properties, seized by their creditors, are available and affordable.