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GoUrlBitcoin Payment Gateway


GoUrl.io is a robotized installment handling framework for Bitcoin and different cryptographic forms of money. It empowers online traders to acknowledge such crypto coins as a type of installment, simply as they accept payments from Mastercards, check cards, or PayPal. The one of kind usefulness of GoUrl is open source, a subsidiary program for engineers, SSL encryption with programmed sending of every single got installment to the dealer’s wallet address without keeping any of the shipper’s cash (Bitcoins, altcoins) on go url  workers (it gives extra security). It likewise gives full combination GoUrl installment structures for shipper sites with no outer installment pages waiting to be opened.

Bitcoin uses distributed creation to work with no focal power or banks, overseeing exchanges, and the giving of bitcoins is done on the whole by the system. Through it is accessible a lot of its new properties, Bitcoin permits energizing uses that couldn’t be secured by any past installment framework. A bitcoin installment entryway allows vendors to acknowledge exchanges in bitcoin. From that view, forward, there have been a few fast ascents and decreases very quickly. This sort of unpredictability implies that business endeavours of all sizes need to guarantee that any installments got in bitcoin are immediately changed over into fiat cash to maintain a strategic distance from any likely misfortunes.

Installment processors encourage the prompt exchange of bitcoin and different altcoins into fiat money. They permit dealers to robotize these installments and give a large group of various apparatuses and reports to help make the entire procedure as advantageous as could reasonably be expected.


There are various advantages to permitting clients to pay with bitcoin. Here are the principle reasons shippers ought to consider adding bitcoin to their installment technique portfolio:

  • Offer existing clients better approaches for paying
  • Gain access to new clients who incline toward utilizing cryptographic forms of money to pay for products and enterprises
  • To permit clients a watchful installment technique (no humiliating financial records)
  • Reduce the costs that accompany other installment techniques, for example, Visas and so forth.
  • To help bolster the cryptographic money transformation.

All right, so now you are persuaded that you need to begin tolerating bitcoin, how about we investigate the best digital money installment passages of 2018.

Trader Tools 

Clients, who don’t have their sites, can utilize GoUrlMonetiser Online Service, sell their substance online through gourl.io and bring in cash on their documents, pictures, recordings, and so on. For site proprietors, GoUrl.io offers various trader devices with prepared to utilize site contents: Pay-Per-Product, Pay-Per-Download, Pay-Per-Post, Pay-Per-Registration, Pay-Per-PageAccess, Pay-Per-Membership.


GoUrl’sBitcoinMonetiser online stage permits clients to sell their online substances, for example, Music, records, pictures, and video for different digital forms of money. Clients of the stage can make their custom URL, transfer their substance; at that point, set the USD or crypto sum required to open the content.

Clients of the stage can adapt anything they need, whether it be Music, digital books, pictures, or recordings. For clients without a site, selling content has no month to month charge and has a level expense of 3.5% per exchange, much lower than costs forced by Paypal for selling products. The stage permits purchasers to pay with different digital currencies. For authors and performers, this stage makes it unfathomably simple to publish as opposed to experiencing a costly total organization independently.