laser tag singapore team building

Great Solutions with the Laser Tag Games


The invention of the Laser Game is attributed to Georges Cartes, which is to say to the first person who invented the infrared laser game. Today, technology has greatly evolved and many companies market this type of instrument. In this country, the Laser Game centers are experiencing sustained growth. There are about 80 of them throughout this country and some are really impressive by their surface. In this country, the first center opened its doors in 1995 to the delight of children. It was a guaranteed release. For the laser tag singapore team building this is important.

The Laser Game what is it?

The Laser Game Paris is an activity that is played indoors and outdoors. Accessible from the age of 6, it is played with a pistol or laser assault rifles and requires the wearing of a helmet connected to the software. It is important to know that it is a secure activity, ideal for having a good time with family or friends. Mutual help, strategic cooperation and good humor are always there.

The objective

The objective of this original activity is to score as many points as possible. This is why it is essential to know how to collect a maximum of points:

  • By a successful shot at an opponent: plus 100 points
  • Or a shot received by an opponent: minus 50 points
  • Or a shot at a partner: minus 50 points

This is the type of count for raptor mode. But other variants are possible. Don’t hesitate to ask your game center for other game modes.

The teams

Players can split into 2, 3, or 4 teams. You do not need to arrive at your center with an already trained team. You will be automatically integrated into a group present. A team generally consists of 8 players. When the players are not enough, the individual game mode is offered. In this case, the objective is simple: each player must save their skin and defeat as many opponents as possible.

The base, the traps and the laser door

Several game modules can be hidden in a field.

The base:

A base is a location that belongs to a team. The opposing team must control it and take possession of it to win the game.

The trap:

A trap is a protection for your team’s camp. Once activated, it automatically deactivates all players who pass by. Be careful.

The laser door or barrier:

This module is actually a green laser barrier. We do not advise you to cross it otherwise you will lose fifty points. Only one solution to deactivate it: shoot it. At the start of each game, we advise you to ask the organizers about how to win the laser game. The game modes are numerous and the rules can change significantly from one match to another even if the dead match remains the most practiced game mode.

How to win at Laser Game?

This is the first time you have participated in this game and you would like to know more about how to win at the Laser Game. In fact, two tips can help you come out on top.

To be dynamic

A player who hides and remains motionless is vulnerable. Rule number 1 is to be on the move as much as possible.

To hide yourself

The Laser Game is a physical activity of military simulation. So we wear black pants, a black T-shirt and avoid the neon yellow to avoid being seen by the patrol.