Reliant Energy

Great Values for the Reliant Energy Options


Photovoltaic is a renewable resource and an endless source of energy that reduces the carbon footprint. Today, solar power is also profitable for us in this country, as the efficiency of solar panels has significantly improved. With Reliant Energy this is the best option now.

If your cottage is complete without electricity, solar power is a viable option or a good addition to both aggregate and wind power. And if your cottage is within the power grid, photovoltaic is still a profitable form of extra energy, as photovoltaic can do well from March to October. This article provides basic information on photovoltaic and solar panels and the importance of different locations for solar power.

General information about solar panels

Previously it was thought that in a northern country like this country it is not worth even thinking about solar electricity, but thanks to more efficient solar panels, the situation has changed. The difference in solar radiation between us and elsewhere is surprisingly small: in Helsinki, for example, the annual amount of solar radiation is only 15% smaller than in Central Europe, and in Northern This country it is only about 10% smaller than in Helsinki.

It is true that most photovoltaic electricity is produced in March-October, but it is also produced in other seasons. Our cool-climate sensitively improves the efficiency of solar panels that are overheated, and otherwise, the panels sometimes feel excessively rainy to keep the panels clean. However, the snow itself must be removed from the panels.

In addition, the solar cells in the panels capture the sun’s radiation well in the winter, which can be enhanced by installing the panels at a steep angle.

Solar energy saves you money

Solar power, or more homely solar power, can save you 30% on electricity costs, and the entire solar system can pay off in as little as seven years. In addition, the system installation work will provide a household deduction. It is also worth bearing in mind that the price of electricity purchased from power plants has risen by an average of 6% per year over the last 20 years.

Getting solar power is easier than you think

Is the whole debate about photovoltaic terrifying? Does the buyer need to know about installing panels or some amazing inverter? No problem, since buying solar power is much easier and more convenient than you might think. And no, the buyer does not need to understand the operation of the inverter, but its existence is worth considering; it is a small but indispensable part of the photovoltaic system and is run by experts. However, if you are interested, see the next section for a brief introduction.

Where should I place my solar panels?

It is a good idea to place the solar panels in a place that receives as much sunlight as possible. No part of the panel should be overshadowed by trees, eaves or buildings. Suitable installation locations include roof, wall and beach, and as a rule of thumb, panels need six hours of uninterrupted sunlight during the day.

On the roof, the panels should be placed close to the roof ridge and not to the eaves, so that they do not prevent snow from falling off the roof. When mounting the wall, make sure that you do not eavesdrop the panels even when the sun is at its highest in the summer. If there is no suitable space on the roof or wall, the panels can be installed up to 50 meters from the house.