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It is the virtual era now. Most of our day to day things are handled mainly by the e-help. It will be a no longer surprising if the world is taken over by the Artificial Intelligence. We are a very much gadget dependent citizens of the world. It takes immense pain for us to be internet and gadget free. Most education systems, cooking, skill learning is slowly going online trying to update with the technology of the world.

…. Can we ever think of having our P.E classes online? Can we ever think of becoming fit through online?

Maybe the time has come. The virtual phenomenon is sweeping across the world. An online gym is the new normal. People are trying achieving fitness in a way similar to their way socializing online.

Hereafter, in your mind comes a lot of questions regarding the functioning of these Online gyms like How does online gym work? Is it for me? Before we start into analysing and synthesizing let us start from the basic question.

What is an Online Gym?

Actual gym has a specific location and time as well as availability. If you are a person who would choose where and when for a task, then the online gym is for you. It is the most flexible, cost-effective way of achieving your fitness goals. It can work on your schedule also. All that one has to do is watch and work out! Every fitness mentor would have preloaded or shot their fitness videos which have to be followed religiously.

How does an online Gym work?

Like mentioned above there will be point programs of different fitness. No two students can be the same and no two trainees can be the same. The fitness program and the intensity level of the program very differently. The communication in Online Gym programs with the physical mentor mostly happens through phones or emails. Most mentors do agree that there has not been a lapse in communication as they will be extra careful in providing the guidance.

What about the diet plan?

Mentors will also have a close look at the diet aspects of the trainee. Most Online Gym programs have a nutrition and diet charts that the trainee must follow and send the results. Some programs will even have diet meals recipes which can be followed. If everything is good enough, you are free to follow your own diet meals. Online Gyms are also associated with the well-qualified dieticians who will help them in developing the meal plans.


Online gyms mostly target clients who need their own time and space to reach their fitness goals. There are benefits as well drawbacks – all depends on the mentor and the trainee. An online gym has been gaining popularity worldwide and people have expressed their comfort in this new way of working out. Some Online Gym websites have their apps also thereby becoming more and more accessible and tech savvy for their clients. Online Gyms are helping us to set some realistic goals.