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Immigration Options and the Results in the Culture


Nations, peoples, cultures, beliefs, artistic practices, dietary habits travel, influence each other, mingle with the risk of atrophying or even disappearing. From this point of view, immigrants have contributed not only to irrigate the arts, the lifestyles and the European culture but also and sometimes to be the main vectors. Let’s have a look at the matter from the eyes of the immigration lawyer london .

Popular arts such as song or cooking, painting and modern art, literature, architecture, decoration, haute couture, immigrants and their descendants have continued to contribute to vitality. and the international influence of European cultural “genius”. The influence is multiple and does not consist only of being part of a pre-existing artistic tradition, of integrating an inclusive and fixed identity but of organizing trips back and forth between the here and the elsewhere, to multiply references, to decenter the glances, to inscribe Europe, physical but also that of the creation, in the world and to introduce new themes like those of the identity, the memory, the nomadism, the exile, the meeting.

European song: an “art of metics”

In the words of the historian Yves Borowice, European song is primarily an “art of metics”. And from the origins. The greatest voices of European song are, from generation to generation, those of men and women from elsewhere, directly or through the mysteries of existential and amorous bifurcations. Thus Amiati (born in Turin in Italy) will be one of the figures of the patriotic and revanchist song after the defeat of 1871. In 1931 Josephine Baker sings I have two loves and in 1936, Edith Piaf records her first record.

Not to mention that many songs, which have become internationally acclaimed hits, have been composed by composers from around the world, like Vincent Scotto and Norbert Glansberg.

The glories of the chair rail

In the twentieth century, in cosmopolitan Paris between the two wars around the school of Paris or the surrealists, blows a wind of freedom. It carried especially by artists landed from around the world.

The round of the furnaces

In terms of taste too, the European feed on the rest of the world, broaden the range of flavors, discover and reinvent also preparations landed in Europe often in the suitcases of migrants. For years, polls have followed one another and are similar: dishes of foreign origin always make a good appearance among the twenty favorite dishes of the European, Berber couscous and Belgian mussels frites with spaghetti bolognese and Italian pizza.

The couscous was already on the tables Kabyle cafes in the 1920s. His reputation will come with the arrival of returnees in 1962. If traditionally it comes in all sauces, it becomes “royal” and adorned with a merguez in his hexagonal and commercial version. As for semolina, it is too often prepared for hot water or in an oven. Exit the beneficial action of the steam which is however all the originality of this dish. This is the perfect option for you to take the advice of the professional now.