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This name generator will supply you with 10 names that will normally be suitable for the lizardfolk of the Dungeons and Dragons universe. The lizardfolk name generator is human reptilians. Their pitiless nature contacts both their bodies and minds. They don’t experience sentiments like most humanoids, nonetheless, rather react to help in a more reasonable manner. Strong creatures that wish to kill them should be avoided, creatures that should be attacked should be treated with aggression, charitableness should be treated with thought and affirmation, and so on

Because of not really set in stone thinking, they routinely appear to be far away, which is more clear than some may at first think. They don’t lament their dead, they don’t explode, upset, or feel any kind of (genuine) feeling, they fundamentally notice the world and respond to it in like manner, like processing machines.

Lizardfolk names generator :

Lizardfolk names are generally unforgivingly sounding with often harder to verbalize parts, yet some guttural or melodic parts are accessible in specific names too. So all things considered, their names are very changed. Their names furthermore have significance, be that as it may, there are no power word records past the name suggestions referred to in the individual creation part of Volo’s Guide to Monsters. I’ve added suggestions in this generator, in any case, secluded them into a substitute decision to avoid importance being connected with a randomized name.


Lizardfolk have Draconic names, however, they utilize exceptionally straightforward graphic words for themselves. Ordinarily, they identify with a prominent deed or activity, and they can change commonly all through a lizardfolk’s life. Frequently, they identify with the lizardfolk’s hunting style, straightforward portrayal, or a solid enemy they figured out how to vanquish. Their names have no sexual orientation, and however, their implications are regularly straightforward draconic is a perplexing language and the words are frequently long. The accompanying names are trailed by their interpretations from Draconic in enclosures:

Lizardfolk Names: Anqu-Svent (Goblin Killer), Charir (Red), Darastrix (Dragon), Ghontix-Riyit (Tricker of Ogres), Harroc (Hunter), Iblink (Hawk), Ixen (Fire), Korinth (Rage), Kornari (Heart), Maekrix (Leader), Ner (Spear), Osear (Horn), Sonea-Vemcini (Giant Eater).


Your lizardfolk character has the accompanying racial characteristics.

Capacity Score Increase: Your Constitution score increments by 2, and your Wisdom score increments by 1.

Age: Lizardfolk arrives at development around age 14 and seldom lives more than 60 years.

Arrangement: Most lizardfolk are unbiased. They consider the to be as a position of hunters and prey, where life and demise are normal cycles. They wish just to endure and really like to pass on different animals to their own gadgets.

Size: Lizardfolk are somewhat bulkier and taller than people, and their bright ruffles cause them to show up significantly bigger. Your size is Medium.

Speed: Your base strolling speed is 30 feet, and you have a swimming rate of 30 feet.

Chomp: Your fanged throat is a characteristic weapon, which you can use to make unarmed strikes. In the event that you are hit with it, you bargain puncturing harm equivalent to 1d6 + your Strength modifier, rather than the clubbing harm typical for an unarmed strike.

Hold Breath: You can pause your breathing for as long as 15 minutes all at once.

Tracker’s Lore: You acquire capability with two of your preferred accompanying abilities: Animal Handling, Nature, Perception, Stealth, and Survival.