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Media streaming series – An Introduction


Our present day is developed and got advanced in technology, and the development is not limited, it has spread to each and everything. From the start of the day till the end of the day, there is no time without the use of technology. You can see every home with various gadgets and devices, and they have the media which is streaming at your own comfortable time that is agenda serie , and this is up to the mark with its inexpensive price or the cost. There are also internet radio devices which are stand-alone for offering the people who want to listen to an option that is no computer for the streams of the audio to listen. These services of the streaming of audio are rising day by day and becoming so popular in the years, and we can observe that the music which is streamed has hit the record of approximately one hundred and eighteen in the year 2013. The content of the multimedia has the volume which is large, and the storage of the media and the cost of the transmission are at the point of significance.

There is a compression which is in general for the media are streaming and the storage. The demand of the consumer increases for the HD that is the high definition for the streaming and this has made the technological development in the industry such as the ITU- T or the wireless and these are in optimization for the content which is high definition streaming. Movie or series streaming creates an illusion, and this is magnified greatly by the use of the headphone, and this is the kind of utility which can be turned off and on.

Types of streaming media series and movies

A stream of the media can be streamed in two ways such as the on-demand or live as the name itself suggests that the streaming live insists that the content is going on at the current time. It is in present continuous. This live streaming is also termed as the true streaming, and this streaming will be sending the info to the device straight without having to file saving on the hard disk. The streaming which is the on-demand is provided by the streaming called the progressive streaming or the download called the progressive download. Streaming called progressive streaming will be saving the file to the hard disk, and then it can be played from its actual place or the location. The streams which are on demand are saved often to the servers and the hard disks for the time which are in extension while the streams which are live are only available at the time of the current status.


The streaming media has coupled with the other media like social media. For the eLearning and the social business there is increased usage of the streaming media, and due to the streaming media and its popularity, many people had given the introduction of the movie streaming in high definition. So, which is your favorite movie or television series currently?