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Perfect Choice for the Real Estate Buying: What You Need


Quick change of price to higher, if the property is watching many interested parties and a sudden price reduction if for a week there is no phone with a question about the offer in this way many sellers react to the interest in the property or lack of it. Of course, activity and vigilance while offering real estate on the market are most desirable. However, too frequent and hasty changes in terms of the transaction may lead to considerable confusion and contribute to the decline in the credibility of the offer. The conveyancing specialist is the best option here.

Unreasonable changes to the terms of sale of real estate usually refer to its offer price, but it also happens that they refer to, for example, equipment sold together with the real estate or the date of transfer of the property to the purchasing party.


The effect of a hasty change in the expected terms of sale may even be the withdrawal of buyers from a seemingly certain transaction. Those who decide to buy, who are surprised by the unfavorable change in conditions, feel usually disappointed, and confirm the belief that the seller simply wants to stretch them.

It should also be remembered that if interested in the offer so far did not reveal the intention to purchase real estate; it may happen that they are seriously considering joining the transaction. An unjustified increase in the offer price may cause them to finally withdraw from the purchase while lowering the price will deprive the seller of a part of the sales profit.


The offer is best changed only when there are reasonable grounds for it. It is not worth doing so often, and certainly, you should not change the conditions and arrangements made with the potential buyer of the property for no apparent reason.

Consultation with an intermediary who supports us may be very useful, who can advise on what is worth changing and what should be stopped. Among other things, for this reason, it is so important to choose an appropriate partner for the sale of real estate.

Hiding relevant information about real estate

A frequent problem in contacts between the seller and the intermediary and potential buyers of real estate is concealing important information about the subject of sale. Hidden information usually refers to the legal status of the real estate, its past, and its technical condition.


It is important to realize that uncomfortable truth will sooner or later come to light, and that, apart from withdrawing from the buyer’s transaction, it may involve the need to bear financial and, in some cases, criminal liability.


Honest disclosure of information about property defects certainly will not help us to sell real estate faster and more expensive, but will not expose us to trouble in the future, when the buyer knows the truth. It is not worth risking the accusation of cheating, so let us give all the documents and information we have to our broker and contractors if they do not seem to matter to us. It is worth knowing that the broker involved in the sale, knowing the exact situation of the owner and the property, may perhaps suggest a way out of a difficult situation. Very often, it happens that sellers do not realize the existence of such an exit.