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Visitors are requested to wash their hands at the entrance and exit from the ward for hygienic and sanitary reasons: the bathrooms are equipped with a sink, disinfectant soap, and paper to dry hands. Inside the department is the separate collection of paper, plastic, and glass all are requested to cooperate. A fridge is available in the ward to store perishable foods, to avoid confusion write the patient’s name on the packages. Every 15 days, the association organizes for the patients of the recreational play department. Great choices from the afterhrsclinic are there.

Other useful information for hospitalization

The day hospital ward is adjacent to the ward. It consists of a hospital room with 2 beds, 2 medical clinics, a sampling room, a nursing room, a gym, a refectory and facilities equipped for the disabled.

Individuals discharged from the Geriatric ward, sent by the Department’s outpatient departments, outside the hospital upon recommendation of general practitioners or geriatric specialists, have access to the DH. Elderly patients in RSA or protected Structures also belong to it, subject to agreements with managers, for diagnostic investigations or therapeutic interventions of high medical value.

There are therapeutic, rehabilitative, and diagnostic activities in hospitalization, an alternative to the ordinary, in order to reduce the risks of dispatching and contain costs. It is also aimed at avoiding improper hospitalizations and reducing the length of stay of patients in the acute care unit.

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The possibility of having your partner next to you

The presence of the future father in the delivery room makes the woman feel protected, allows the couple to share an exciting experience, and favors the bond between father and son. If you want to have your partner next to you, however, it is better to make sure the hospital allows it before.

The opportunity to keep the child in the room after giving birth (rooming-in)

The first few hours and the first few days of life can affect the successful start of breastfeeding and the formation of a mother-child attachment bond. Despite the scientifically proven advantages, the practice of rooming-in is not always granted. Furthermore, skin-to-skin contact and early breast attack in the delivery room are not favored in all hospitals. Therefore, when choosing the right structure, it is good to take this into account.

The promotion of breastfeeding immediately after birth

The mother should be supported by the midwives of the birth point during the delicate start-up phases. It is important that they verify that the attack is correct in order to prevent the future onset of fissures small painful cuts on the nipple.

The possibility of attending the prepared course organized by the hospital

The different parameters to consider in the choice of the structure, the possibility of accessing the epidural 24 hours a day, rooming-in, attention to breastfeeding, the opportunity to preserve the cord, the freedom to have the next partner can also be investigated during the preparation course organized by the hospital. Subscribing can, therefore, be a way of acquiring information and getting to know the operators. In general, however, these lessons are valuable because they provide useful information for the care of the child, allow you to compare yourself with other women, and help reduce anxieties and fears. Better to hurry, though, because places usually run out quickly.