dragon ear cuff

Picking the best ear cuff – A knowhow


If you are going to pick a ear cuff to suit the event and your clothing, that is insufficient. The first and the premier in the agenda should be ‘the ear cuff should suit your face shape’. Regardless of whether you possess a planner and best ear cuff, don’t get tricked by wearing them that doesn’t fit suit you. Purchase ear cuff online from the plenty of styles, hues and choices. How might you browse the plenty? Here is a guide to pick the correct dragon ear cuff for your face shape.

Round: You have a round face, if your cheekbones are wide and don’t limit the jaw.

  • Don’t: Chunky ear sleeves, roundabout ear cuff.
  • Do’s: Long ear cuff, ear cuff hoop or ear cuff that is precise fit as a fiddle.

Oval: If your cheek bones and brow has the comparable width, you have an oval face. Fit as a fiddle, the face limits the cheeks to the jaw.

  • Don’t: nil
  • Do’s: Almost anything will suit particularly pearl ear cuff.

Square: If your cheeks, jaws and brow have a similar width and your stunning is solid, at that point it is a square face.

  • Don’t: Chunky ear sleeves, thin dangles, Small circles
  • Do’s: Circular circles ear cuff

Heart Shaped: If your temple decreases down till the jawline and in the event that the brow is more extensive than the cheeks, you show some kindness molded shape.

  • Try not to: Wear ear cuff that are heart-formed.
  • Do’s: Tear drop, crystal fixture ear cuff
  • Limited: A restricted face and square are similar simply the tight face look stretched.
  • Try not to: Long ear cuff
  • Do’s: Small ear cuff

Precious stone Shaped: If your jaw and temple look tight than the cheekbones, you have a jewel formed face.

  • Don’t: Small ear cuff and dangle ear cuff
  • Do’s: Curve ear cuff, tear drops, crystal fixture ear cuff and ear cuff with delicate bends to supplement the shape cheekbone shape.

Tips to look great:

  • Don’t set up a challenge between your ear cuff and jewelry. Wear just a single explanation piece.
  • If you have a long neck, long dangling hoop will look incredible on you.
  • If you have a short neck, convey more thoughtfulness regarding your face by wearing little ear cuff ear cuff.
  • Drop ear cuff suit best with pearls.
  • If you have picked ear cuff, the one with a popping diamond stone is an ideal pick.
  • Gold ear cuff ear cuff run splendidly with ethnic and conventional wear.

Just the ear cuff can supplement your outfit. In spite of the fact that they involve individual style, in the event that you can feature your common highlights it can bring out more magnificence. Discovered an ideal hoop to suit your outfit? At that point you are in the spotlight! So your face shape ought to clearly be a piece of your ear cuff purchasing choices. If you have a correct ear cuff in your gems box, you emerge as well as your common magnificence reflects with these rich extras.