Denver CO real estate

Real Estate Options You Simply Need to Know Now


To realize a real estate project, two possibilities are offered to a buyer or salesman: to take care of it himself or to call on a professional. If starting alone in the adventure is tempting, it is rather risky. Most of the time a person making this decision says “I will save money if I do everything myself, for want of spending more time”. The wish to want to control everything, to be free, not to want pressure, to avoid being scammed, is also legitimate. Nevertheless, it must be recognized that a project, whatever it is, is rather complex to carry out, and that real estate is a field far from being obvious to understand and to master. You can choose the Denver CO real estate now.

Define your real estate project

While many try to master all areas and offer a wide range of benefits, some agencies prefer to specialize in an activity to stand out from more general competitors. So do not hesitate to question your interlocutors on what they offer you. If, for example, you wish to entrust the rental management of your property, make sure that your interlocutor knows the subject and that he already manages other properties. If you are looking for a prestige property, head to a structure specialized in luxury. Choosing a real estate agency starts by filtering those that can take care of your project properly. To search for a real estate agency, start by remembering only those that can bring you the desired service.

A local agency first and foremost

Whether it’s buying or selling your home or renting, focus on proximity, the real estate agencies to choose are those located in the same city as the property for sale, purchase or rent. A local agency will always have a better knowledge of the local market, know the streets, neighborhoods, will be better able to guide you in your project. This is an essential selection criterion to choose your real estate agency.

Independent agency or network?

When you choose a real estate agency you will encounter two different types of structures: those operating alone and those parts of a network. Are some better than others? Which real estate agency to choose? It is indeed difficult to answer these questions, independent or franchised often providing identical services. The freelancers bring you perhaps more a privileged contact that you will probably have less with an agency. On the other hand, these big groups certainly have better communication power. We advise you to privilege the agent with whom you will have a “good feeling”.

What are the fees for the agency?

Everyone is asking this question: how much will it cost me? This question is obvious because you make a sale or a purchase, you will have to pay fees to the agency, and unlike the notaries, the fees of an agent are not framed by the law and can therefore vary from ‘a professional to another. Despite this freedom, the agency is subject to various strict rules regarding the display of commission fees so that the customer has no bad surprises. Generally, the number of fees will be proportional to the selling price. Sale or purchase, the higher the price the more you pay. Nevertheless, many agencies practice a declining percentage, so it will be less high on high-end goods. So count between 3 and 7% of the sales amount.