Reliant Energy Plans

Reliant Energy and its business services


The aim of energy deregulation is to create competition in the energy industry. The consumer has got the opportunity to choose the best suited energy provider and energy plan, the reason being energy deregulation. Low electricity rates along with a wide range of best plans possible are offered to the consumers to survive in the electricity industry with a good number of competitors around.

Know info about the business plans

Several great options are offered to power your business by Reliant Energy Plans . You can power your business as per your convenience with the lowest rates.

There is a type of plan where it assures lower electricity rates and you would see a clear reduction each time throughout the plan duration. In this plan you would have access to a set of online account management tools. You can put your energy charges in control by utilizing these tools. Here the customer has an advantage over other service providers with no monthly base charge to be paid. This plan is available for one, two or three years.

There is a simple fixed energy rate plan available where you need not worry about the fluctuations in the energy rates and you would have locked-in energy rates throughout the duration of your contract. This plan is at your disposal for varied contract lengths of one or two years.

The third type of plan is a variable rate energy plan which is just similar to residential variable plan. You can withdraw from this plan at any point of time without any penalty. It is not a contract for a period of time, rather operates on a month-to-month basis. Hence, your monthly energy rates tend to fluctuate depending on the energy rates prevailing in the market.

For small businesses the plans are ready and if it for a large business the needs may be more complex. The energy provider can directly be contacted to get a direct quotation and to know the other details. You can choose from the array of plans that fit your business or would be assured of a customized quote.

Customer care

Reliant energy offers an efficient customer service through online chat, phone as well as email and is a 24×7 service. If you wish to compare your bills, it could be done by logging into your account online at any point of time. They are not complex and are easy to read as well as easy to understand. All the benefits involving discounts can be known on your account.

Payment options

All popular payment options are made available and you can choose the one that works best for you. Payment is made easy by offering both offline and online modes to the customers. Its customer service is unique of its kind and has got a special feature of payment by phone with your credit card or bank account.

It is one of the best electricity providers offering superior level of convenience. Becoming an exclusive member would give extra benefits. By referring the service to other businesses, you would receive rewards when they use your referral ID and choose a plan.