Youtube Vanced

Starting stage of YouTube


YouTube is a just application to see videos to certain people but now anybody can see whatever the videos. It’s a video-sharing platform online, it was created by an American. YouTube headquarters was located in San Bruno, California. In Feb 2005, this service was created by three employees and are Steve Chen l, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. Latter Google bought this service or application for $1.65 billion in Nov 2006. Now YouTube is working as co company for Google. The most visited website on the internet is Google search then the second one is YouTube and it’s the biggest pride for the inventors.Youtube Vanced are developed to replace YouTube. Normally on YouTube, users can view, upload, share, rate, comment, report, and subscribe to other users. Content on youtube is different kinds like tv show clips, short and long documentaries, video clips, sorry videos, movie trailers, educational videos, and so on. Most of the videos are created by individuals only. Some rare videos will be created by groups according to aspects. Some of the materials are offered by CBS, BBC, Hulu, and Vevo to YouTube and they are in partnership with YouTube. In this application, there are two types of users. They are registered and unregistered. The registered user is only able to watch videos but not to upload any videos.  unregistered users can also see videos and they also upload videos. Registered users only able to watch age-restricted videos by confirming the age of at least 18 years old.

Survey and revenue

In a recent survey, more than 600 hours of videos or content uploading to YouTube every minute. In one day, there are 1 billion hours of videos are watching by users on YouTube. Google Adsense sends advertising revenue for selected users. Based on content and audience, the program ads will be advertised for a short period. Viewing the videos is a free cost that was the vast majority. But there is a YouTube premium and YouTube music is used when the user subscribed. It will give ad-free music streaming, ad-free to all videos. Some commissioned will be excluded from the current user account. The approximate revenue that comes from YouTube is around $20 billion for a year. At the starting stage, YouTube also faces criticism for handling copyright content or videos with uploaded videos. YouTube algorithms are to repeat videos so that they can promote falsehoods and conspiracy theories. Hosting a  video is complete targets the children’s but the videos don’t contain sexual and violent content. Most of the videos are gets attracted in their comment sections and YouTube has some policies for videos that are to check eligible or not so that YouTube can advertise. A personal computer requires an Adobe flash player plugin to view YouTube videos in a browser. In Jan 2010, YouTube launch an experimental version for sites with built-in multi-media for web browsers to support HTML5 standards. It will allow videos to view without Adobe flash player being install. It will support the browser into the HTML5 trial. YouTube browsers the only browser that supports HTML5 video with MP4 format. It helps to play videos but not for all videos on the site.