Technology development so the building renovation is necessary


Building contractions is also called construction. Nowadays it becomes a great successful business with high profit.  The erection of structure and assembly involves the industry and technique for constructing a building in my dream house. This makes everyone feel their shelter, ancient human activity is a construction house but it developed according to the technology. Construction must be with nature support at the same time they must be aware of the natural building must product us. According to the technology many youngsters inventing a new way for construction, like thermocol house it gives her for humans according to climate it changes. But the brick house period was higher than the thermocol house but we can recycle the thermocol and use for the same building we can get idea from .There are three different sectors for construction change the structure and industrial. The industrial construction was divided as

  • Residential
  • Non-residential

Heavy engineering or civil engineering was called by infrastructure and Building with large constructions like a dam, tower, bridge highways, and railways.

Building construction

Building construction is a process to build a heavy building addition structure to the area it’s the real project structure a typical project is an insight according to the may compulsorily purchase from the owner for public use. The individual landlord must different for the residential construction general construction by the provider. Technologies practice and l residential resources. According to the construction as a square meter basis for the house and their quality, everything will be different for more expensive building quality and quantity design everything will be different according to the skill it will vary. In the type of construction the owner maybe

  • Private construction project
  • State construction project
  • Federal construction project

Actual facilities being constructed by the residential buildings should be considered as a commercial project.

Renovation of the building

For renovating a building can have a usual process it repairs of reconstructing the building for this to have several processes we need to make a plan we need to call engineers, then a structural repair, after that rebuilding and finish the house. Most of them were focused on new construction some of them focused on renovation some of the people done this work as a part-time job relative and predictable is building a new home. Usually building a new home during the renovation unexpected issue that arises.  We make everything flexibility is often required and make according to the owner wish everything will be designed and the tools are required high quality to make a strong building.  The process for planning we must know the financial status and then the process may get success and the renovation has the impact on creating a job it may be a part-time or full-time job and increasing spending on the material and also for construction and promoting gentrification.  Due to technological development, many of them planed to change their house and they planned to renovation like changing their normal kitchen into a class kitchen or increase the rooms in the house or proving ties instead they can use wood. They may change according to their financial support or some people increase their store for their needs and reconstruct the building by the contractors. It will vary for the country to country.