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The Beauty is Endless of the Cheap Apple Watch Bands


What questions at the time of choosing the Apple Watch: Which size to choose? Which model among the three ranges corresponds to me? What color of case and model of the bracelet to take? Apple offers many combinations like cheap apple watch bands, a good thing for an accessory that must be practical, useful but also adapted to its own tastes and style.

Experts offer this guide to help you choose so that your purchase of the Apple watch is perfectly successful. Knowing that the Apple Watch must be used with an iPhone, if you use a smartphone or another brand, it will be necessary to see the offer of other manufacturers.

What Size of Case for Apple Watch?

Because everyone does not have the same wrist size, because Apple’s watch is not aimed at a male-only audience, far from it, Apple has two sizes for its smartwatch. They display size differences of course, but not only.

Both Sizes of Apple Watch

The size is measured at Apple in terms of case height. Two different sizes are available; the smallest is 38 mm high and 33.3 mm wide while the largest is 42 mm high and 35.9 mm wide.

The Differences between the Two Boxes:

Apart from the size of the screen, visible in the image above, the two watch sizes show differences. We can evoke of course the weight (see below), but also the price but also the autonomy in connection with the place offered for the battery, superior in the large model. But that’s not all since the resolution of the displayed graphics is different: 340 x 272 pixels against 312 x 390. It will be necessary to check if it plays on the smoothness of the display or rather on the quantity of information displayed.

Note: the bracelets offered by Apple are available in two width versions to fit the case, no stress on that side, so much the better. So when it comes time to choose, one piece of advice, rely on the size of your arm is the most important criterion to enjoy this accessory worn all day with maximum comfort. A second criterion to consider is the readability of the display, with larger characters on the larger model.

A difference in terms of weight is also displayed on the Apple site; it remains quite low nevertheless between the two sizes. By cons, it is much more between the different ranges.

Which Range Of Apple Watches To Choose?

Beyond the two sizes of boxes, Apple has thought of all profiles and all budgets. Thus, no less than 3 ranges of different watches are proposed. The entry-level price is the Apple Watch sport, followed by the Apple Watch (short) and the very “select” Apple Watch Edition, in gold.

Before entering the specifics of each range, it is vital to remember that all watches use the same system, the same electronics and therefore offer the same possibilities. They also ship the same amount of memory. The difference is, therefore, to be found in the materials used, at the level of the case, possibly the bracelet but also the protective glass.