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To help you make a quick decision while having the guarantee of choosing only the best equipment for your car, we have taken the time to compare many products about which we wanted to share with you our honest and transparent feedback. Indeed, whether these products are exceptional or on the contrary they have no interest, in any case, we will not fail to let you know. Thus, immediately after your visit to this site, you will be able to make your purchasing decision with full knowledge of the facts, which will thus avoid you having to suffer any unpleasant surprise whatsoever. With the best Auto Repair options you can have the smartest solutions now.

Who is behind the site? is above all a group of friends who meet regularly to talk about the same passion, that is to say the automobile, parts, old cars and new technologies. There is Charles then he is the old one, I even think that he knew the first car of the French engineer Joseph Cugnot! Now his pleasure is to customize his motorhome by tinkering his engine with his cheap bottle jack and especially to fill his electric cooler to always have a cold drink when he stops for a moment with his chick for contemplate the nocturnal landscape of the south of France.

  • Then there’s Gary, he’s the little youngster on the team, his thing is the Mercedes, he can’t help changing it regularly, of course not new but used given the price! His last Mercedes is a 2012 E-Class coupe model. There is Marc, he is the wise man of the group and the one who pushes the team towards new, more ecological and economical ways of driving by encouraging us, for example, to put a bio ethanol kit on our cars running on petrol! He is on the lookout for all the info to save big, it’s a bit of a tight-fisted group even if Charles is not left out because when he gives a tip it’s 1 cent (remember my Charles).

Here we are all, we will come and talk to you about our Gps car comparisons , going through accessories for this summer such as the very good electrostatic sun visor to protect the family from the sun’s rays but also following Marc’s disappointment who was unlucky enough to flying his car he decided to find the best steering wheel lock in the form of an anti-theft rod so that he would no longer have to see the theft of his new car.

  • Their exchange can be done at home, but you need to pay attention to some details, such as the disposal of oil and cooling fluid, which cannot be done in the sewer network. The toothed belt normally requires more accurate knowledge of the engine’s operation, because, if installed incorrectly, it can change the ignition point of the engine and cause malfunctions. In the worst case, it can cause the valves to run over, with severe damage to several parts of the cylinder head.

The question that may arise is: and when maintenance is up to date and the engine starts to fail or present high consumption, what can it be and what to do? The first item to be checked is the fuel, as quality is fundamental for the proper functioning of the engine. Bad fuel contaminates the lubricating oil , spark plugs and injector nozzles. To avoid problems, it is recommended to always refuel at the same station, during business hours and ask for invoices.