The genus aloe, a succulent plant species


Aloe vera is known to be a succulent plant that is thickened, fleshy, and can manage to survive in all the situations. Aloe vera is an evergreen perennial that is originated from the Arabian peninsula but it grows everywhere in the world like tropical, semi-tropical, and even in the arid climates of any place. Aloe vera is always cultivated for the medicinal and then for agricultural purposes. As a potted plant, the aloe vera grows for the decorative purposes inside the house. The aloe vera is known to be the best medicinal plant which is used as skin lotions, ointments for the small burns, and sunburns, even for cosmetics and also as a beverage. The alovea is known to be the best clinical evidence both for the clinical and cosmetics. So the aloe vera is the best wound healer and also removes the dead cells of the skin around the wounded areas.

Narration about aloe vera:

The aloe vera is a stemless succulent plant or it is a very short-stemmed plant that grows sixty to nearly a hundred centimeters tall and spreading around the mother plant. That is the daughter plants naturally grow around the mother plant. The leaves of aloe vera are thick, juicy, and fleshy. Aloe vera is green and grey-green but some of the varieties are in white flecks only in the upper and lower stem surface. In the summer times, the aloe vera produces flowers that are hiked up to ninety centimeters tall with yellow tubular corolla two to three centimeters long. Like the other species of aloe, arbuscular mycorrhiza is formed in aloe vera that helps the plant to observe the mineral content from the soil.

Cultivation of aloe vera:

Aloe Vera is an ornamental plant and it has been widely grown all over the world. Aloe vera is very familiar with modern gardeners because of its interesting flowers and succulents. And also aloe vera is considered as a medicinal plant. The aloe vera is succulent which enables it to survive in any of the situations even it is dry. But the snow and heavy frost make it to be intolerant to survive. The plant aloe vera gained the award of garden merit from the royal horticultural society. The well-drained, bright sunny condition and sandy potting soil would make the better growth of the plant. Aloe vera plants are always fresh and green because of its succulent but in the heavy heat and in the stage of overwatering the aloe vera would get burnt. The most preferable for the planting of aloe vera is terra cotta pots because they are spongy. Before rewatering, the potted plants make sure whether it is dry or not. Because the rewatering should be allowed after the potted plants are being dry. While being potted, the mother plants would make out of crowded with pops. Because the mother plants naturally produce the daughter plants. So to make the better growth of the plant makes sure of repotting the newly crowded plants. It will be helpful for the daughter plants to have further growth and to prevent pest infections. During the time of winter, it is better to keep the aloe vera inside the house or else it is advisable to be in the heated glasshouse.