The right Shoes and the Right Choices


You have registered in a dance club, you like the activity, it is now necessary to equip you in dance shoes in order to evolve in the best possible conditions. Before all things, it is necessary to privilege comfort to the aesthetics of the shoe. We know very well that women are mainly attracted by the beauty of the shoe, but a pair of dance shoes must be above all comfortable. With the solesociety you can have the best choices now.

Salon dance shoes, chosen from the biggest brands in the world of dance are shoes studied and made with great care to be very comfortable. In spite of all the qualities of a dance shoe and the technicalities that the manufacturers can bring to this one, you will meet other criteria that will be decisive in your choice. In the function of the morphology of each person, we will give you some tips to choose your dance shoe.

Heel height

Up to 4/5 cm heel height, the arch of the foot is moderate thus avoiding too much support on the front of the foot metatarsals the shoe for all people remains very comfortable. The heel height 6/7 cm is said to stand art average height worn by most women. From 8 cm up to 10 cm the very high heel will be worn by people who have no problem arching foot and used to wear high heels. Finally, the higher the heel, the less stability you have.

The shape of the heel

The shape of the heel influences the stability of the dancer, although normally the main support of ballroom dance is on the forefoot, the wider the heel contact area of ​​the heel on the floor. The more stability you have. For salsa and rock heel reels are recommended for the back steps. For Argentine tango, the stiletto heel is recommended. But the standard heel is suitable for any ballroom dance.

The morphology of the foot

If you have the foot end you will have a hard time finding shoes to your feet. Shoes with a large opening on the front are not recommended. You will have to fall back on the closed shoe or with a very little opening. They are beautiful, tendencies, and especially terribly white. Our white sneakers, we love them, all right, except that they rarely stay white for a long time. At Fourchette& Bikini, we do not guarantee the miracle of the pristine shoe without maintenance, but some tips to make the purest shoes last or clean as long as possible.

The case of white fabric sneakers

We will not lie to you the fabric sneakers are much more complicated to keep white. However, they can go into the machine, with a cold wash and in a net. In any case, they are waterproofed with a suitable product and the stains are cleaned as they appear, with a rag soaked in alcohol at 90 °. Once washed, they are buffered with a clean towel and allowed to dry naturally, especially on or under a radiator.

Protect white sneakers

The must-haves of the year are white leather sneakers and good news. They are much stronger than their fabric counterparts. Just like they, however, they ask to be protected to last longer. Choose a waterproofing suitable for the composition of sneakers, theoretically leather, unless you have chosen one of their variations, suede or synthetic. The product is sprayed at the indicated distance and allowed to air dry, repeating the action a second time if necessary, then at least once a month.