dryer vent cleaning

The Shoulds and Should Nots of Dryer Vent Cleaning


Dryer duct cleaning should not wait for the duct to become clogged. Dryer ducts must be preventively cleaned before problems occur. How often? The answer depends on your installation and also the use made of your dryer. In some cases, it is important to periodically clean the dryer duct preventively every 5 years and in other cases it is not necessary. In the case where the duct is very short, say one meter, you can clean it yourself with a vacuum cleaner. Preventative cleaning of the dryer duct is a good way to save on your electricity bills. Poorly cleaned dryer ducts frequently cause fires, yet it’s so easy to prevent such a fires.For the dryer vent cleaning this is very important.

When To Clean The Dryer Duct

If you own a large building and you have to plan a cleaning of the preventive dryer ducts at 5 years. Longer and more sinuous ducts and those coming out on the roofs of multi-storey buildings will sooner or later tend to accumulate lint. Clogged ducts cause several problems, the worst of which is the outbreak of a fire. As the owner or manager of a building, it is your responsibility to do your homework to avoid such a disaster.

Dryer Duct Cleaning For The Home Owner

When the owner of a house or condominium unit calls us for cleaning his dryer duct it is usually because a problem already arises due to the accumulation of lint in the duct. Often, the first symptom of the problem is a difficulty in drying the clothes after washing since the duct hardly evacuates the humid air of the dryer. If you do not have the exhaust air duct of your dryer cleaned at this time, problems with your dryer will occur quickly.

The Dryer Repairer Recommends That You Have Your Duct Cleaned

One in three service calls for cleaning the dryer duct in a private home was recommended by the repairer. People with a drying problem will have the first reflex to question the proper functioning of the dryer as such. After checking your appliance, the repairer may find that the cause of the problem is a complete or partial obstruction of your dryer hose. At this point, which is a pity is that you will pay the visit of the repairer and in addition the cleaning of the conduit which costs on average $ 150 according to the companies. The price is lower, of course, for preventive maintenance of several drying outlets on a multi-unit building.

Unclog An Obstructed Dryer Duct

Sometimes people wait until the duct is completely plugged before acting. Often, they think drying clothes is slower because the dryer is getting older and they let the situation deteriorate and then one day the dryer will not dry. In this case, it is possible that the fuse in the dryer is burning and the dryer completely stops producing heat during the drying cycle. It will therefore also be necessary to replace this fuse. We receive weekly emergency calls for similar cases.