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The Smart Options for the Defragmentation and More


The complications for the finest quality data recovery are not small and this is the reason that you can now come up with the best deals. Surely the options are there and that is the reason that you can have a proper idea for the same. The complications do arise, the results surely come up with the smartest deals. Surely this offers a smart solution in this matter now. The facebook service surely offers a lot of results in this matter and that is the reason that you can come up with the smart results here.

SoftPerfect File Recovery 1.2 Freeware

Recovers files from hard drives, memory cards, and other devices that are connected to a PC for storage. It’s a small program and does a piece of work even on a portable USB flash drive. Unfortunately, it does not provide information on the extent to which data can be recovered and does not have a preview of files. This free version restores only 2 GB of data.

Glary Undelete 5 Freeware

An excellent data restorer that has one of the best user interfaces. Its advantage is also the ability to search specific folders in the style of Windows Explorer, where it provides information on the degree of success in any recovery. The advanced filter allows you to search by name, date, size, or extension. It restores data from virtually any type of storage media. It does not contain any unnecessary features, so it is especially suitable for beginners.

Pandora Recovery 2.2 Freeware

It has the best guide to guide the user through the process of recovering deleted data step by step. The more advanced scan is available only in the paid version, but even the free scan will find most of the deleted data. It recovers from hard drives, SSDs, and storage. Whether and how great the chances of recovery are for each record is displayed using percentages with color modulation. There are also filters and other advanced features.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 9.5 Freeware

It restores data to two mouse clicks; just determine what types of files and from where. Then you mark those to be restored, and then the program will take care of their reappearance. With image and text files, you can view your data, making it easier to see if it’s really the one you want to recover. It restores data from disks formatted as FAT, NTFS, but also Ext so Linux, including those external and memory cards. The free version will only restore 1 GB of data.

Wise Data Recovery 3.8 Freeware

Probably the fastest program in our review in terms of the time it takes to scan your data. It browses any type of media and displays the results in a clear interface. It also shows the degree of damage, and therefore also estimates the extent to which data can be recovered. Then just right-click and restore the data. With this tool, you can restore multiple files at once and have advanced features for greater targeting.