Terrarium Workshop

Ward’s classification and development of terrarium


The person who developed the terrarium named Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward in the year of 1842. He is also said to be a botanist. This had spread quickly in the place of Victorian Era among the people of English. The Terrarium Workshop is also said to be known as the Wardian case. The developer of terrarium Ward has used to hired the carpenters to build the cases of Wardian and as well as to export them from the British, which is native to the place of Sydney, which is in Australia. After some months in travel, plants had arrived very thrivingly and as well as proper formation. In the same manner, the plants from Australia were going to the place of  London, with requiring of same conditions. The developer of Ward had received the plants in a good and as well as in a perfect manner. This experiment has indicated and proved the plants could also be grown in a sealed condition without atmospheric ventilation, and the thriving would be continued. The cases of Wardian have been used for decades by the others and as well as Kew Gardens. This helps to spread wide and to ship the plants throughout the British Empire.


There are two types of terrarium was found according to the conditions which are made differently, they are open and as well as closed

Open terrarium

This type will be suited to the plants used to prefer a low amount of moisture content in the soil, lower humidity like a plant that is related to the temperature conditions. We can’t say that all plants can be used under the same temperature conditions or the moisture content. So for some plants, they used to adapt to the climate which is in dry conditions, kept as unsealed this type of unsealed plants used to keep more than air content as it has to be free from the content of excess moisture. This type of open terrarium also used to work in plants with the direct sunlight, the terrarium which is inclosed condition used to trap much more heat by killing of plants which are inside. The popular option is Succulent is a poor choice regarding the closed or in an open condition. If there is a lack of natural drainage in terraria is used to get underwater, or it is said to as root rot.

Closed terraria

The tropical varieties of plants like air plants, ferns, mosses, orchids have been generally kept in the terrarium, which is a closed condition that is similar to the environment in sheltered and as well as humid. The sealed terrarium used to allow water circulation. The closed terraria will be opened in the week once for the removal of moisture in the air and as well as the walls in the container. This used to prevent the growth of algae or mold in which they used to discolor the terrarium plants inside.This type of terrarium plants should be watered, the condensation absence in the walls of terrarium or plants wilting is an indicating manner as the plants require more water. These are the types of terrarium which are used in many places.