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What about the sim cards?


Can I ask you something? What is the first comes to your mind when you heard about cards? Did you hear about php lx ? Can we divide our debate into two? That is before Modi sarkar and after Modi sarkar. Before Modi sarkar, kids heard about playing cards and men heard about the credit cards and sim card something. But after Modi sarkar, everyone heard card. Can you guess that? The answer is very simple. Can I give you a clue? Nowadays we are nothing without this card and without this card, everything is nothing in India. The answer is the Aadhar card. However Aadhar card important to us likewise sim cards are important to phones. Yes, nowadays without Aadhar card you can’t prove yourself too. They can’t believe it is you without Aadhar cards. Maybe this is a wheel for future India.

During lockdown days, we saw the importance of the Aadhar card? Don’t think harder. This is flash news more than a corona and corona counts. Yes, they are drunken lovers. Yes, our honorable government allotted drinks with the help of Aadhar card during this pandemic too. But they won’t allow the proper internet connections to work from peoples. I am also agreeing that the telecommunication industry is its peak nowadays, right? Sims is giving a major anchor role in the telecommunication industry. Maybe this is future India. Sorry about this, they are also deriving what is future India? Do you know what the name of our future India is? If you are following the news, then you will know the answer. Yes, the answer is private India. Sim is nothing but a subscription identity module. It saves the subscriber identity. Then who is the subscriber? We are the subscriber. I mean who is using sim cards.

What is PHP?

On the other hand the world is moving with coding, right? Everywhere there is coding. But this coding is the reason for increasing cybercrimes. Hacking is one of the cyber crimes that may be the major one. But many coding languages give life to many youngsters. Maybe this is a future world, not India, right? Php also backs end script coding languages like javascript. Many people are aware of the java scripts, right? Yes, major IT companies are using java languages even now. Yes, they are old but classic like Stanley Kubrick films. Stanley Kubrick’s films were old but they were classics. In other words, PHP is Html embedded script language. Php is intercepted by only PHP servers only. So, only this is a server scripting language. Every server is connected. Do you know the name of the connection? The name is hyperlinked. This makes webs even stronger.


Speaking about sim cards and phones, then it will be wrong speaking without the GSM and CDMA.  GSM is nothing but a global system for mobile communication. Sim is most important for GSM. Do you know what the first GSM phone is? Nokia 1100 is a first GSM phone that came to sales by using Sims. CDMA is a code division multiple access. GSM comes with a sim slot but CDMA is not cone with sim slot. This is a major difference. GSM is using around the worldwide method.