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When do I need to know my IP address?


Of course, there are various reasons for wanting to know your own IP, but you always have to know your IP address, for example, if another computer outside your network is to access your computer. This is the case, for example, if you want to act as a host in a computer game, transfer your desktop to a friend so that he can help you or if you want to access your desktop PC from home. my ip is your answer now.

I use a proxy

Online sites try to find out independently whether you are behind a proxy or directly access the Internet. If online sites detect a proxy, it will try to find out your real IP address. Should that be successful, you see it below the public IP as a hint. If no indication is displayed here, we either could not find a proxy or find out your real IP address.

Is my IP address changing?

For private customers, dynamic IP addresses are usually assigned, so they regularly receive a new address from the provider. How often this is the case varies from provider to provider in the meantime, a new IP address is usually only assigned when the connection to the provider has been interrupted and newly established. For corporate customers, a static IP is usually assigned, which is particularly important because companies often provide server services, for example, a web server for operating websites. If the address, under which this server is reachable, changes regularly, unwanted inaccessibility could arise.

Is it possible to assign an IP address to my person?

Internet service providers are able to find out which connection owner assigned which IP address at which time. In the event of a criminal investigation, providers are obliged to pass on this information to the investigating authorities. This applies to both dynamic and static IP addresses. Tools like “How is my IP” from Online sites can only guess what internet service provider you use but not find out who you are or where you live.

A common misconception is that the IP address mentioned in the warning does not match the IP address of the subscriber. However, the IP address of the caution is not the IP address of the computer or router, but the dynamic IP address of the Internet connection, which changes every time you dial into the Internet but at least every 24 hours. As a rule, the subscriber does not know the dynamic IP address at all unless he can read it from his router.

If you ask the Internet provider, you often get the answer there, the provider does not give IP addresses, or there is no request from the respective customer. This information is wrong often deliberately untrue or out of ignorance of each employee is unclear.

How is the IP address determined?

For every communication, including data transmission during file sharing on the Internet, an IP address or Internet Protocol is required. Otherwise you cannot assign the Internet connection, and no data can arrive. Therefore, an IP address is also involved in file sharing. With every small file fragment that is transmitted during file sharing, the sender, the person, being warned sends his IP address, which was assigned to him each time he dials the Internet from his provider.