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Why Virtual escape rooms should be good for kids?


Staying a step ahead of your kids is always a good idea, and one great way to keep them out of trouble is to get them out of the house and play something different.

The online escape room for kids is an escape room for kids in more ways than one. This unique new experience gives kids a chance to play to their core with co-workers or friends to solve puzzles and advance to the next room. Virtual escape rooms for kids are great if you’re looking for a non-threatening and more immersive way to have kids learn. It’s better than colouring books, crayons, and word books, all of which are no fun to play with anyways. So you can try out these best escape rooms for kids across the country today and surprise your kids with a game of real-life hide and seek!

Virtual escape rooms for kids are a relatively new genre in Australia, but they’re already being popular with adults in the region. For kids, the idea of solving puzzles and riddles in an unknown space has to be just as much fun, or maybe even more so, than going to an actual escape room. So let the good times roll with these five fab virtual escape rooms that will leave your kids wanting to go back for more.

Virtual escape rooms for kids may be the next big thing:

I can remember playing escape rooms as a kid at summer camp, always fantasizing about a place that I could take my kids and my wife to that would allow the kids to solve puzzles and discover new worlds.

The world of virtual reality can help a child better understand their surroundings.

We were invited to get a sneak peek at what a virtual escape room is like in Springfield and discovered just how engaging and fascinating these experiences can be.

It’s no longer something in a movie, it’s an experience you can actually have right now.

It’s a night to remember…something many of us didn’t have growing up.

As parents, we need to tell our kids that no electronic device can replace a real conversation with their friends, but sometimes a cellphone can help them join in the fun. At the Escape Game this weekend, kids will be able to solve puzzles and head to the next room to escape.

It’s the perfect activity for kids who need to get their energy out in a safe environment and don’t like loud toys.

Virtual escape rooms for kids are growing in popularity. Many have no age limits and one company has even added a grown-up version called spy rooms. In an escape room, you and others must solve puzzles and mysteries to find your way out. In this version, the rooms are adult-sized, as in the bed you’re there to sleep in, while the puzzles are a bit harder.

Virtual escape rooms for kids are a recent phenomenon. You strap on your headset and immediately head to a set of rooms, of varying sizes and difficulty, where you are caught in a simulated danger, have to work together to solve various puzzles, and ultimately escape. One player at a time can enter the rooms, go through the sequences, and talk to the others via headphones. At certain points in the game, if the player is in danger and doesn’t solve a puzzle or finds themselves in a tight spot.