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When the athlete is starting in Archery, the targets can be placed five or ten meters away and gradually this distance will increase until reaching eighteen meters, the standard measure for indoor competitions. The size of the target can vary according to the distance the arrows will be shot, in outdoor competitions, for example, the target can reach 122 cm in diameter for distances up to 90 meters. With combat archery singapore this is important.

Eye dominance

In Archery, eye dominance refers to which eye you should use to aim. When the right eye is dominant, the idea is to hold the bow with your left hand and pull the string with your right hand. Failing to shoot according to the dominance of one eye can affect the other eye due to the effort it will have to make. The degree of this dominance can vary from person to person, in some cases, the accuracy of the dominant eye can be very close to that of the other eye.

Discover the dominance of the eye

  • Choose something to be your “target” and stay five or 10 meters away.
  • Bring your two thumbs up leaving a space between them, then spread your hands forward and keep your arms extended.
  • Try to visualize the target with both eyes through the space between your fingers.
  • With the gaze fixed on the target, close only one eye, and then close the other eye.

The eye that allows you to continue to see the target perfectly is your dominant eye, that is, when it comes to practicing Archery this will be your dominance of the eye.


The use of protectors is also recommended in Archery. The use of hand protectors is similar to a fingertip, help to avoid fatigue in the fingers by pulling the rope and painful calluses in the hand. Another important protector is the arm protector because sometimes the rope can end up hitting hard, especially at the beginning, preventing these strikes from hurting or causing marks on your arm. There are many different systems for exercising the mind and body properly. And none of them are the most right or the wrongest. It all depends on the student, the teacher and the methodology.

We can divide the training into several stages. First, we have the basic training where the student learns the posture and the basic elements and techniques of the practice of archery and arrows.

How a shot works:

You stand on the shooting line, with your feet on either side of the marked line, standing on your side towards the target. You place the arrow on the string and on top of the arrow support (rest), if you are right-handed, hold the bow with your left hand and pull the string with your right hand.

After you have put the arrow on the string, you place the first three fingers of your right hand (for right-handed, left-handed the other way) on the string up to a maximum of the first joint of your fingers. You breathe in, look at the target’s side, breathe out, inhale again by raising the bow and keeping your aim on the target you pull the string until it touches the tip of your nose and your hand touches your chin.