Asbestos Removal Cambridge

Asbestos-a high-risk fibre


Before starting how to do Asbestos Removal Cambridge first of all we should know what asbestos is? Asbestos is a thin fiber that can be found anywhere in the home, buildings, construction work anywhere. It is very dangerous for health, it causes many severe diseases like cancer, throat infection, it is most dangerous for lungs and causes lung cancer. When asbestos broke then it took the form of airborne. Let’s find out how to remove asbestos. Following are some suggestions to remove asbestos from your home.

Method of removal asbestos

  1. 1. Never remove asbestos from yourself because it is very dangerous for your health.
  2. It is the work of professionals.
  3. There are many companies that prepare teams for this work. They give them special training for the removal of asbestos. They know how to remove it safely without any harm to anyone.
  4. Because asbestos is airborne when it is disturbed that’s why it’s very dangerous.
  5. Asbestos can be found anywhere like it can be found in ceiling walls, cemented walls, in the basement area.
  6. People when renovating their home or doing construction work then are at a high risk to contact with asbestos.
  7. The technicians who are hired to remove asbestos from the place they do this work with very strict guidance like they should wear an overall mask in their body. They do not contact other people and after removing the asbestos they remove their mask safely.

Uses of asbestos in industries

  • Despite the disadvantages of asbestos, many Industries use asbestos.
  • Because asbestos has many qualities like it is able to resist heat, fire, and electricity. That is why many Industries use it.
  • It is used in many types of building materials like a thermal insulator and flammable materials.
  • If any building constructed before 2000 then there might be chances of asbestos can be found there. Although asbestos is banned in many countries, it is still used in many Industries.

How to dispose of asbestos

  1. First of all, this is very dangerous work to dispose of asbestos because it harms health.
  2. The professionals dispose of the asbestos very carefully according to the guidelines by the government rule.
  3. It can not be disposed of openly due to its harmful reasons.
  4. Asbestos can be recycled also but in very rare cases. Asbestos can be recycled by using high heat.
  5. People who do not follow rules for dumping asbestos can be fined and penalized for doing so. Because it has a proper procedure to remove asbestos.
  6. Illegal ways to dispose of asbestos-caused heavy penalties anywhere.
  7. If some try to remove asbestos by themselves then it is not only dangerous for their health but the people who live around them can be also in danger. So it is advised to hire professionals for removing the asbestos in their home or construction area.

So we can conclude that asbestos removal is a must and one should hire a professional team for this work.