vị trí Meyhomes Phú Quốc

Candid Location of MeyhomesPhuQuoc


It is situated in the Southern part of the Island with Villas, mini-hotels and residential land. vị trí Meyhomes Phú Quốc is designed to give a different experience of high-class luxury in peaceful and greeneries. It is fully covered with fresh water. The cool breeze of the mountains on the beachside is the speciality of the Island and the moment of enjoyment can’t be expressed in words. It is awesome entertainment. It has equipment for solar power and a pure water purifier. There are three subdivisions in that area, one is Aqua Section, next is Coral Villa and the last one is the Olive section.

Aqua Section

It is a Shophouse garden aqua section comprised of 3 floors along with 1 TUM. Its land area covers the length and breadth of 10.6m X 18m. Its construction area ranges from 287m2 to 373m2. Its selling price starts from 14billion per unit and it raises to 20 billion per unit. Benefits of the Location are Theaqua area connects the sea with 3 fronts of Huynh Dan Street with 24m, Anh Sao Avenue with 24m and Binh Minh Avenue with 36m. From the sea, it has a distance of 200m only to enjoy the seashore atmosphere.

Coral Villa

Coral Villa district is fully covered by compounds. The length and breadth of the land area cover 13mX18.5m. It has a construction area of 385.89m2 Dunlap. Its selling price starts from 32.5 billion per apartment. The apartment land area for the building is 10mX18.5m and the construction area is 333.12m2 in song lap. The compound area selling price starts from 23.5 billion per apartment. Villa Coral has a river park long of 1.2 ha connected adjacently with three facades such as boulevard Sunset with 36m, boulevard straight 24m, and Avenue centre thoi 36m.

Olive Section

It’s an official centre with 3.5floor and 1 TUM. Its land area extends to the length and breadth is 6.5mX14.5m. Its construction area ranges from 214m2 to 290m2. its selling price starts from 7.8 billion per unit and raises to the level of 15 billion per unit. olive section connects the sea in adjoining Song park of 1.2ha long with 3 fronts such as Binh Minh Avenue with 36m, Moonlight Avenue of 24m and An Thoi Centre Avenue of 36m. the olive section comprises 500 and more modern townhouses and a luxury beach villas covering 23.5 hectares. Special offer of 8% discount on the direct payment of 70% and loan facility can be arranged through the bank with 2 years of 0%interest. Its prime location centre is An Thoi Town. The other nearby areas can be reached quickly as Bai Truong can be reached in 1minute, Bai Sao in 6 minutes travel. Ong Dai Cape in 6minutes of travel. Hon Thom Cable Car in 7minutes travel. BaiKem in 7 minutes travel. Phu Quoc Airport in 12 minutes travel. Duong Dong town in 20 minutes travel. All the main areas are very near and it can be reached with half an hour. All these facilities are available only in MeyhomesPhuQuoc. People can utilise this opportunity and lead their dream life on this earth by considering it to heaven. These Villas are designed to enjoy every moment in combination with nature and freshwater.