Choose the best Opportunities for the Restaurtants


The process should be the same for other types of customers such as couples, groups of millennial friends, birthdays, etc. It all depends of course on the characteristics of your establishment but it is always important to define the service phases according to each type of customer. You can visit to for the perfect solutions.

The secrets of perfect restaurant service

Our third secret to getting a perfect restaurant service would be to plan everything in advance and who the confirmed customers will be for the day.

  • An effective solution is to use management software like the Manager, as it greatly simplifies all tasks and greatly reduces the risk of errors during service.
  • It allows you to organize reservations in advance in a digital room plan according to the layout of the restaurant and the number of services per day.
  • In addition, the occupation of the room is updated in real-time, which makes it possible to react more quickly to unexpected events such as the arrival of passing customers or in case of no shows.
  • This system allows each member of the team to have a user account and record each other’s actions to improve control.

It also facilitates preparation in the kitchen for each service, as it allows recording in a database all the preferences in terms of products, as well as the special needs of customers before their arrival at the restaurant.

If you don’t yet have this powerful tool for your restaurant services

In summary, a perfect restaurant service depends on the myriad of details that you take into account and that you can manage. The restaurants that define protocols or that carry them out over the long term are undoubtedly the most successful. We hope this is the case for your establishment.

There are many opinions about how a waiter or hostess should behave with guests. Someone likes excessive attentiveness and courtesy, someone, on the contrary, is better to be distracted from the meal to a minimum. But where is this middle ground?

In fact, there are several rules of conduct for staff in any self-respecting catering establishment. More precisely, these are not rules, but the so-called steps of an ideal service. True, in different sources the number of these steps differs: from 7 to 9. The essence does not change; just in some sources the steps are a bit “wider” each one includes more actions. And we will go “small” and tell you in detail what you should expect from the service in a good restaurant.

Meeting and greeting guests. Waiter or hostess

  • greets the guest, offers to choose a table, escorts to the place you like;
  • if guests come with a child, bring a highchair;
  • Submits a menu, talks about special offers and promotions (if any).

Acquaintance and acceptance of the order

  • comes to the table within a few minutes after the guest crouched;
  • submitted by name;
  • offers and recommends aperitifs to the guest;
  • Records and repeats the order if the guest has already decided what he wants by this time.