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Criminal Cases and How you Deal With It Legally


The entrepreneur who wants to start a business and grow it will ask a lot of questions: legal, administrative, accounting, etc. Which status to choose? How to protect my brand in my country, but also abroad? What is the most interesting tax system? I have a conflict with an employee: what are the means really at my disposal? Explore the best of Criminal lawyers in Washington DC now.

In normal times, the Internet is a great source of information, but when it comes to law, it’s hard to trust what you can find on the first site. You need relevant and accurate information. Indeed, while in some cases it is easy to find the right legal answers to a relatively simple and common law problem. In most other situations, this can quickly become an obstacle course given the amount of legal data available and the sometimes conflicting case law. Here are selected 4 sources of reliable legal information that should help you find the answers you need.

  • Official legal texts as legal information
  • Official legal information sites targeted educational
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry Regions
  • Legal assistance services

Official legal texts as legal information

The public service of the dissemination of the law makes available to all an impressive amount of legal information and documentation, including legal texts.

Advantage of this legal resource: Reliable information makes it difficult to do better. These are the official texts, also accompanied by a section Companies to give visibility to them on texts that have not yet entered into force.

Disadvantage of this legal resource: Despite admirable efforts of the service, the information is not obvious at all to decipher for the non-jurist. And the sheer amount of information makes you get lost. In addition, the legal texts are most often in legal jargon requiring a sharp mind of abstraction to bring the text of law to a particular context. That being the case, you will not be sure that you have correctly interpreted the law, so it will be necessary to ensure that the case law supports your reasoning. Good luck for legal research.

This online legal resource is for you if:

  • You have time to do law research
  • You are comfortable with the vocabulary and structuring of legal texts
  • You know where to find the legal information that fits your situation.

Official legal information sites for educational purposes

These sites offer legal sections dedicated to non-lawyer professionals although many jurists use them to start their research in which they decipher the texts of laws and offer explanations on concrete situations: to create his company, to recruit, etc.

Advantage of this legal resource: These sites public legal explain clearly, on specific topics provided by law, what the law says steps to follow, steps to follow, etc. In short, these legal resources are particularly useful and effective to accompany you in your administrative procedures.

Disadvantage of this legal resource: These sites can not cover all legal situations. If you have a specific problem, you may not find the answer.

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the regions

CCIs offer resources to entrepreneurs, in the form of guides and services, sometimes including services paid or free of personalized legal advice. Note, however, that corporate legal advice is not their real job. For complex private law topics and disputes, they will refer you to a legal professional.

Legal Assistance Services

It is important to distinguish legal information from legal advice. In fact, knowledge is acquired with experience, everything else is just information.