the kibo code

Ecommerce Training As per the Requirement: Your Options


Time pressure is playing an increasingly important role in the e-commerce sector, it is the best way to encourage visitors to convert quickly. There comes the essential use of the kibo code and that also within the budget that you can have now.

Did you know?

Whatever the type of conversion (free download of an ebook, purchase of a product or click of a button), users act instantly when they learn that the offer is temporary.

Why? Because the pressure of time gives them the impression of obtaining an exclusive product or service. The feeling of losing something creates a need and encourages people to “buy” the product as quickly as possible. It’s a concept as old as the world, rare things have more value than mass products that anyone can buy in any store.

Flash sales

The best combination is a combination of promotion and time: allow your customers to get a promotion if they order within a certain period. By keeping this concept of a rarity in mind and integrating it into your strategy of optimizing your conversion rate, you will increase the sales of your e-commerce site.

To inspire trust

Customer confidence is not due in e-commerce: it is acquired little by little thanks to important work on your site and is essential for your success.

Stay reachable and stay in touch

One of the main fears of the consumer on the Internet is to know if there is true “someone” behind the website on which he is about to order. Indeed, as in stores, he may also need the advice to make his choice.

It is therefore important to clearly display your contact details (on the home page, but also on all the other pages of your e-commerce):

  • Opening hours
  • Mailing address
  • An email address or contact form

Generalized for some time now, the chatbot is also a means of communication acclaimed by Internet users. Indeed, it offers permanent and one-click assistance to the consumer, who can ask questions at any time. Even in the middle of the night, in which case you will receive his question the next day and be able to answer it (if he is no longer connected to your site he will receive an email).

In short. The chatbot allows you to be proactive and go to the front of your customers by following their journey on your site.

Always with the aim of keeping in touch with your customers, the opening of a physical point of sale is also to be taken into account. Even if it concerns only a restricted catchment area and that all your web customers will not be able to go there, it is a way of making real an address which was only virtual until then.

Let your customers express themselves

The customer likes to be able to express themselves and give their opinion freely, whether on an e-merchant or on a product. He appreciates it, even more, when it is published and valued. In order to give weight to your customer reviews, it is now advisable to go through certified customer review organizations. Then, do not hesitate to highlight your customer reviews on your site, also with your rating.