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Effects of social media addiction:


There are abundant advantages and mere negatives with social media apps found today. Among them Insta app is mostly used app now. You can learn many things from this Insta app. It includes nutritional diet recipes, make up beauty, travelling information’s and all with the help of random links provided in it. Many business people or individual people those who post their recipes, tips and all through this media only. In fact, they are promoting their valuable products and all other relevant information in their pages only. Search Instagram app is very beneficial.

Some of the reasonable points to know while using this Insta app;

  • The most advantageous feature with this app is; it makes your relations get very closer to you even at your busier life schedules. You can even spend your valuable time with your bestiee to build up strong relations easily.
  • You will get good inspiration from your friends when you are in a travelling at beautiful places. For example, if you make a move at any hot spots to visit, just check out at your Insta whether any of your friends is at that same hot spot. If anyone is found, it makes you pleasure to meet them and make your trip more memorable.
  • Moreover there is a risk with this prestigious app to the people. It is especially with the people those who conclude themselves as celebrities, models and all with the immense number of followers in their list. You cannot say that they are genuine followers. So make a note of it before feeling that you are essentially famous at the point.
  • In fact you cannot clearly justify the person of whom you are chatting to be real or fake. Actually people are choosing their life partners using this social media platform. Some people may create fake accounts in the name of female or a celebrity. Some persons those who look ugly can post themselves as angels. So do not conclude exactly before going to imagine yourself with that particular person to have a date intentionally. It is a warning sign to the people who loves beauty as an essential need for choosing their life partner. Hence you are advised to check about the person whom you are in contact is fake or real.
  • This app is entirely more time consuming one which makes you fell down in terms of health issues. If you keep on spending more time on it, your retina will damage easily and make you feel obsessive. Apart of it, you can utilize that time in terms of exercising your body which stands so productive idea.


Hence you can learn from any social media platform is; acquiring some information which is useful, making out new friends those are not fake, sharing your images, videos and personal experiences etc. Instead if you find out any kind of misuses like fake friends, fake followers, any one misusing your credentials like images and photos, especially if you cannot live without this social media platform etc. Then you are advised to get rid of it immediately. So in these social media apps, there are both pros and cons available to make you realize on which side you must have addicted to.