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Those in a team leadership position should know how to be less explosive, as having a good interpersonal relationship with subordinates reflects directly on the success of your projects. Gone are the days when it was acceptable for bosses to behave abusively. In addition to being out of step with current times, this behavior can lead to your leaving work. There are several ways to reduce your short temper and help you control your emotional uncontrollability. With the corporate governance Dubai you can find the best deal now.

Tips for leaders: How to be less explosive

Is it hard for you to imagine a day when you are not stressed and out of patience for the demands your subordinates bring you? Know that if this is your routine as a team leader you are doing it wrong. Having a milder behavior and knowing how to dialogue with the people who work by your side is crucial to meeting the goals set. So I have listed below tips on how to become less explosive in the workplace.

Acknowledge that you have a problem

The first step in solving any difficulty is to admit that it exists and needs to be addressed. In this case, the explosive leader must observe the error in his behavior and be prepared for the challenges that developing emotional intelligence demands. Recognizing a failure, especially in the case of those in leadership positions, can be quite difficult, but absolutely necessary.

Have a physical activity routine

Including physical activity in your routine, whether individual or team sports, is a way of reducing your sense of anger. When we exercise our body produces endorphin which is a substance that gives us the feeling of wellbeing. Those who feel good will be less angry with other people and have fewer episodes of stress.

Adding to this is that by choosing a team sport like football, for example, you are taking on a double challenge, as you will have to control your emotions during a time when you are not in the habit of doing so, the heat of competition. For those who have very explosive behavior it may be interesting to start a solo activity such as walking, for example.

Unwind not to be intoxicated

Do you know when we keep a frustration just for ourselves and feel that we have something choking in our throat? This sensation is the result of toxicity resulting from not exposing our negative feelings about some situations or people. The tip is to have a confidant, someone you trust, and preferably from outside the office – not to be a gossip moment – with whom you can talk about what makes you feel bad.

There are other ways to put this negative feeling out, such as writing a journal (which may be digital but accessible only to you), drawing, playing video games and other activities. Most importantly, have a way to get over the feeling of weight through frustration.

– Learn to dialogue

Being in the leadership position of the team is important to develop the dialogue technique, which basically means that you have an exchange with the other person about your points of view. The main mistake leaders make is that because they are in the leadership position, they have nothing to learn from their subordinates.

When you are feeling angry and about to explode take a deep breath to listen carefully to what the other party has to say. Considering others’ arguments can be a very positive way to evolve your own opinions. Keeping in mind that old maxim that we have two ears and a mouth so we can hear more and talk less will help us have less inappropriate bursts.