Finer Senses for Purchasing Real Estates for You


Don’t forget the exterior of the house. What material are the frames made of? Are these still in good condition? Is the roof in order and is the woodwork properly painted? Does the house have a well-kept garden or a neat roof terrace? How is the outdoor space located in relation to the sun? Do you have a lot of privacy or do you have to look at your neighbors all summer? Choose the best with now.

Be keen on things that can cause inconvenience

Talking about the neighbors: what kind of people are they? You can be bold and just ring the bell and ask something about the neighborhood at the same time. Otherwise, peek inside them or see what their back garden or balcony looks like. If the balcony is crammed with beer crates, that may indicate an occasional party. What about other noise pollution? Do you hear the traffic thundering when the window is open? Do you get drunk out of bed by planes or trains at night? Is there perhaps a church tower near the house? Or will you soon live opposite a playground with screaming children? Good to be aware of this.

Walk around the neighborhood

Perhaps you are already familiar with the neighborhood. If not, it is a good idea to take a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood. Do you think you will feel at home in this environment? What about the facilities? Are there shops and schools within walking distance? Is the neighborhood suitable for small children? Is there a place to park your car for free?

View other tips at home

As said, prepare well. Then you can do the viewing most relaxed. Calculate, for example, whether you can pay the house at all, should a bid be requested immediately. Are you afraid that afterwards you forgot what that one room looked like? Then take photos during the viewing. Did you forget to ask something afterwards? Then please contact the sales broker.

Is it Open House Day and are you going to view multiple houses? Then prepare well and do not stay too long if the house is empty. On this day you can make good use of the possibility that several doors are open for you.

Interior of the home

View the interior of the home thoroughly. Don’t let yourself be distracted by nice accessories or a nice color of paint on the wall. Questions that almost every buyer struggles with are:

  • How much is the house really worth?
  • What should I offer?
  • Are there any defects?

To find the answer to these and other questions, it is wise to hire your own broker. Often the help of a friend or family member is asked for when buying a house, but with the biggest purchase in your life you surely want a specialist to look after your interests? An NVM buying agent gives you insight into the value of the property and conducts sharp negotiations with the selling party to achieve the maximum result for you as a buyer.

Are you still on house hunting?

Home seekers cannot be lucky with the land seekers app. You can indicate exactly what you are looking for in a house and in the area where it is located. You receive the offer from all NVM brokers, but also from all Pro brokers. This means that you are shown the complete fund range and homes that are in silent sale. You can check new offers on your phone every day.