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Are you addicted to smoking and looking forward to quitting smoking? Then here you have an alternate option, the vape juice or E-juice. Vape juice is a fluid that contains propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin along with water and food-grade flavoring agents. They may or may not contain nicotine, and the percentage of nicotine added depends upon the personal requirements of its users. If users want to skip nicotine, then they can choose zero-nicotine options. In a vape juice, the basic technique is to heat the liquid to reach a temperature between 200-400 degrees, where the fluid turns in to vapors and can be inhaled.

Many online shopping sites offer excellent quality, cheap vape juice . There are lots of flavors available in vape juice, and every character has its own story. Based on your requirements like a choice of character, taste, or quantity of vapors produced, you can decide which vape juice you must buy. It is always better to try different flavors before deciding which suits you the best. There are also other benefits for the vape juice.

The chemical propylene glycol helps in equal distribution of taste and flavors in the liquid. Vegetable oil is a thick liquid which is obtained from vegetable base camp, and it is sweet. Almost 90% of the composition in vape juice is made out of VG, and PG any nicotine and food-grade flavors constitute there remaining 10%.

The VG juice and the PG county juice

In vape juice, you have two major categories. The Propylene glycol form and the vegetable glycerin form. Both have them have some significant differences. By understanding the difference between these two, you can decide which one to choose.

The PG form is odorless and has a mild sweet taste. The liquid is quite thin when compared to VG and gives a clean and robust vapor experience. As the fluid is quite small, it doesn’t cause any health issues, and allergies are reported in very few cases. PG form of vape juice is quite popular among consumer products and also for refills. It has got enhanced flavors and will leave a strong, long-lasting taste at the back of your throat. This can help you to avoid the urge of smoking a cigarette.

The VG form is quite dense and delivers more significant clouds of vapor. So for those who love to blow out thick clouds, VG if the best choice. This is a transparent and odorless liquid and is considered to be a form of alcohol derived from vegetables. It also gives sweetness, and many times, this is used as a substitute for sugar.

Based on the nicotine level in the vape juice, the vape juice is categorized into different standards. Nicotine level may vary from 0%-24% based on your requirement. Always choose the nicotine level carefully based upon your tolerance capacity.

So the users can try different compositions and flavors first and then settle for what they feel is right. Always remember high levels of nicotine and alcohol are harmful to health.