Lifting Your Threads and Face: How and Why


Laser face lift or thermally also refers to non-surgical types of braces. Collagen thoroughly heats the high-performance infrared beam on the skin, thereby stimulating skin regeneration. Infrared energy-absorbing fibroblasts actively produce new elastin and collagen. Patient alternately warms up to the touch during the procedure. Then cold painless or unpleasant feelings do not arise. You can visit căng da mặt bằng chỉ and come up with the solutions now.

The advantage of this method is that rejuvenation takes place in two phases. The first result is already visible at the end of the session. This effect is achieved by reducing existing collagen. Within six months of exercising, the exceeded single effect will increase, and the skin becomes more beautiful and younger in appearance. The obtained result is stored for three years.

Plasma-lifting on the face

Plasma lifting face refers to injection techniques. This is a relatively new way of tightening. The specialist is the problematic site of the patient’s injection. As injection is the patient’s personal plasma enriched with collagen and elastin. It activates its own internal resources by having women influence systems such as metabolic and immune and regenerative. There is no risk of contamination and contamination. Woman gets the perfect result allergy and rejection impossible.

Acupuncture facelift

Acupuncture is one form of acupuncture facelift. It affects specific biologically active points, which becomes:

  • Skin rejuvenation.
  • Stimulating facial muscles and increasing their caller tone.
  • Improving its overall appearance and condition.

Acupuncture is an alternative design of operating curtains. The advantage of this method is that:

  • Undergoes essentially painless.
  • This has a positive effect not only on the woman’s appearance, but also on the overall condition of her internal organs.
  • The procedure also includes elements of stress therapy, deep relaxation, and sleep.

Lifting the skin at home

Lifting masks at home are analogues of salon beauty treatments. Make a mask, too effectively, the main keep the regularity and choose a recipe whose items will not cause allergies.

Equipment for lifting at home

Hardware types of home facelift are:

  • Darsonval on the skin of impulsive high-frequency currents.
  • Miostimulyatory activation of muscle fiber contraction leading to stimulation.
  • Iontophoresis physical impact.
  • Micro current stimulation device.
  • RF equipment.
  • Vacuum equipment.
  • Equipment for ozone, light, ionotherapy and electroporation.
  • Photophoresis physical effect.

Massage and special exercises for the face

Fey culture can be an excellent choice of home facelift without special equipment. This is a facial massage with the help of a vacuum container. To organize such a meeting will have to manually bank a small diameter or cosmetic portable device. With this method you can influence not only personally, but also the whole body.

This effect is achieved through acupressure on the facial muscles and lymphatic channels. The massage lasts only five or six minutes. If you do this every day, your skin will long stay fresh and young.  Jojoba oil is amazing natural substance that nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, fine wrinkles, eliminates flaking and dull skin. Using darsonval devices overcomes a number of annoying problems and diseases.

Recommendations for the facelift procedure

What type of lifting prefer? Many types of lifting are represented in cosmetics. It is necessary to choose a procedure based on their individual preferences and the desired end result. It is good to consult a beautician about this issue and ask for help to choose the best option.