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When you start in any type of craft or you begin to use some new material, many times we look for recipes or guides on how to use them, and although here are some basic guidelines and tips on how to make crafts with pasta, surely there is no better recipe. You pick up the material and start experiencing yourself. With the clay making singapore you can enjoy the best.

Das is a clay-like mineral modelling paste that hardens in the air without the need for an oven, suitable for use even by children from 4 years of age. It is a product to enjoy modelling because of its fresh and pleasant touch and that does not stain like mud. It can be found in two different variants: terracotta and white, both with identical characteristics but different colours.

Work Surface

To start making crafts with Das pasta, the first thing is to prepare a work surface that is as smooth as possible to avoid that when modelling with it remains marked or acquires unwanted textures. You must also make sure that it can be easily cleaned and that it is not made of absorbent material, which would make the paste dry faster than normal.


The best tool that you can use to make crafts with Das pasta is your hands, although you can always use a roller to stretch the pasta and some modellers spatulas to shape or cut the pasta, either made of wood or plastic.


As already mentioned before, Das is an air-drying modelling paste, so the first thing we will do is take the piece that we will need and store the rest in the same package, closing it well so that it does not dry out. Before starting to model we have to knead the dough for a little while so that it gains elasticity.

As you work with it, the air and the heat of our hands will cause it to begin to lose part of its moisture and its surface may begin to crack. To avoid this, it will be enough that from time to time we moisten our fingers slightly so that it hydrates while we work. But be careful, from time to time and slightly, let’s not form a quagmire. This modeling paste is very clean and easy to handle and an excess of water would not help us at all.


Once you have your pasta ready we can start to model with it, stretch it with the roller cut it with moulds or whatever the work we are doing requires.


After finishing your craft with Das pasta, it is enough to let it air dry for a minimum of 24h / 48h depending on the amount used and its thickness.


After the time necessary for drying, and if your project requires it, you can paint the modelling paste with any acrylic paint or marker. You can also give it a finish coat with some varnish if you consider it appropriate.

How to preserve leftover pasta

As a final recommendation to this post on how to make crafts with pasta, the only special care you have to take is to prevent the remains of material that you are not going to use from drying out. If you are not going to spend all the pasta that comes in the package, you can keep the excess in its own container and in turn put in a closed plastic bag, from which you will have previously extracted as much air as possible.