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A relatively new product that is being used in some developments in the glass fence, which, in addition to being aesthetically more beautiful and enhancing the architecture of the property, imposes extreme difficulty on climbing. It is made to measure in tempered glass, with a structure in both steel and aluminum. Its cost, however, is higher than that of other resources. For example, a fence of this type, with dimensions of 5m wide by 2.20m high, with an aluminum tubular structure for fixing the material, has an average price of $4 to 6 thousand. The budget includes the social gate and installation. From the best Fence Company this was important.

Use of concertina

Another product that has been used with increasing frequency is a concertina, also known as ‘hedgehog’, protective fence, helical fence, steel fence, carpeted tape or helical barbed wire. It is installed on walls and railings and its aggressive look already serves to ward off malicious personnel. It is made of galvanized steel to prevent corrosion. With the grid alone, the guy jumps easily, warns businessman. They say that the product is also used strategically in blind spots, so that, in the event that an assailant passes through a certain security barrier, it is then contained by the wire fence.

There are three basic models of concertinas: clipped, simple and flat. These barbed wire fences cost an average of $40 to $50 a meter, which includes the installation. The diameter most used in the concertina fence is 45 cm, with a spacing of approximately 25 cm between the spirals. For those who already have walls, railings or other forms of physical restraint, the concertina is a security element with significant visual impact, physical retention in the event of an invasion and an affordable price.

Costs x security

In terms of costs, the wall is still the cheapest implement, followed by the grid in iron bars, expanded sheet and, finally, the glass fence.. He points out, however, that when it comes to a house, only the physical resource like a wall does not provide the necessary tranquility for the resident. It is recommended that this system be integrated with an electronic security system, which will make it possible to detect invasions. As an example, he cites electric fences, presence sensors, cameras, among others.

In addition to physical and electronic resources, the recommendation for condominiums is that there is also integration between human resources security agents such as gatekeepers, security guards and residents themselves and organizational resources security procedures. Each location must have its own procedures, depending on the risk analysis and its peculiarities. Those involved in this process must be properly trained and periodically simulated, to increase the security level of the site.

Choose the best solution

To choose the best solution for your property, before investing in security and making any decision always consult a specialist in the area, who can guide your project and help reduce costs, in addition to appointing professionals for the execution of the project and the work, whether this wall, grid or fence. With great concern about security, many homes and companies are opting for the installation of electric fences. They help to reinforce the security of the place against invasions.

Finally, you need to check everything you need to know before installing the electric fence in your home or business. Know its main uses, types, the law that regulates the use and the step by step for its installation.