french translation

Smart and Efficient Translators whom You Need


Remember that languages ​​should not be transliterated. That is why it is necessary for the translator to master both the source language and the translation language. It is also important that you have experience as an interpreter. Not all people thus dominate the language and in such cases, they may fall into the transliteration of terms. The result would be an unintelligible document. A translation professional on french translation dominates the language at the native level and knows the subtle semantic differences in the language. Always check the level before starting.

Get a translator specialized in the subject

If you can find someone who specializes in the subject of the text or has worked on translating documents similar to yours, you will have a much better result especially if the text contains professional jargon. For example, if your document is about Corporate Sustainability, it is better for the translator to be familiar with this type of report.

Delivery time

Needless to say, don’t apply for the job to deliver with a deadline too short. A professional translator must take his time. Text translation is a job that requires concentration and analysis on your part. Therefore, it must be done carefully. In addition, you should have time to review the work, comparing the issues against the original.

Remember that your readers expect clarity and fluidity. For them, it must be as if they were reading a document originally written in their language and that it is not noticed that it is a translation. The language must be well developed and not leave ideas half explained. For this, the translator must be able to work with the time and not make a hasty translation.

Review the original text well

Before moving on to any work to be translated, make sure it has been reviewed by an expert editor in the language, as the message to be translated will be clearer. This becomes less doubt and confusion. In addition, you will avoid surcharges for changes in the document to be translated again.

Deliver the file in editable format

Always deliver work in an easy-to-edit format, such as Word. If it contains tables and graphs, they must be in an editable format. Also, ask the translator to hire you to always deliver it editable. Some people have a habit of placing screenshots for graphs and tables and this is an extra difficulty for the translator.


Because you must redo the graphs or tables that the document contains. If he doesn’t know how to do it, he will waste valuable time asking you to send him Excel files, PowerPoint, etc., in order to edit and translate. It is important that you know that if the work requires such actions, the translator’s rates will be higher. Even the translator may not know how to do it and the graphics remain in the original language which is not beneficial or professional.

If the graphics or illustrations have been taken from an external document in the form of captures, it is better that they are made again in the original document so that they are editable. Always consult the translator if you can do that job.

Appoint a supervisor in charge

If you cannot do it yourself, designate a person to supervise the work and be in communication with the translator to answer any questions you may have regarding the meaning or meaning of some paragraphs or regarding specific terms.