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The Adblockers – A Knowhow


The Ad Blockers are the technologically abundant software. They filter the contents and block all advertisements shown on a web page. They work as stand-alone programs or even as customized services or extensions in an operating system or a web browser and block ads to give you great browsing experience. These software’s targets ads like banner ads, pop-ups, interstitial ads, sticky ads, or auto-playing videos and allow its users to surf the web without any distractions or interruptions so that they have a good browsing experience.

How do the adblockers work?

These adblockers use specific filtering rules to hide contents on your web page. You can customize rules to ad blocking which you don’t need or even add rules of your choice to give exceptions to the sites that you have white-listed.

Adblockers are available for all variety of computer platforms like laptops, desktops, smartphones or even your tablets. There are a variety of methods used to block advertisements. The benefit of adblocking software is wide-ranging and the use of such ad blocking software is increasing these days. As the number of internet users is increasing constantly the number of advertisements is also increasing and so the demand for ad blockers.

Why block ads?

As an internet user, you have many reasons to blocking ads. They may be Privacy issues, or to stay away from malvertising, save battery on your mobile devices or to save bandwidth. Frequent popup of ads may also hamper your concentration and make you feel distracted. Blocking ads allow you to load your pages faster and provide you clean looking web pages limiting all kind of distractions. It also lowers resource waste like bandwidth, memory and CPU usage. Blocking ads also save substantial amounts of electricity usage and lower power bills.

Methods used to block ads: An easy method to blocking ads is to prevent autoplay of flash animations, Windows audio and video files or image loading. This is easy to do in most browsers and it improves security and privacy. This method is defined by many Browser extensions. Each Internet browser do it differently, but, in general, they alter the options, application extensions preferences to filter specific media types. Generally, additional add-ons are required to differentiate between these ads and non-ads, or between wanted and unwanted ads. The advanced software’s for ad blocking allow fine-grained control of ads through features like whitelists, Blacklists or regular expression filters.

But most of the time online ads are considered to be very necessary because they provide all the revenue required to support online content. Most of the publishers thrive on advertising to sustain their business. So in the end, it’s to them to set some reasonable limits to the number and Quality of ads displayed on their sites. Crafting great and creative ads will be appealing to the users and create some meaningful experience for them. Ads that are Non-intrusive and less bombarding to the users have more appeal to the users and avoid the need of ad blockers. As users are skilled in tuning out ads from contents the best way to engage them is to create ads related to their needs and make them realize how your brand can help them solve their problems.